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Muhurat: Nuvvante Naakistam
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2nd April 2005
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EVV Cinema
Nuvvante Naakistam

Cast: Aryan Rajesh, Naresh, Anu Mehta, Suman, Chandra Mohan, Chalapati Rao, Ali, Mallikharjuna Rao, MS Narayana, LB Sriram, Krishna Bhagawan, AVS, Lakshmipati, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Satyam Rajesh, kallu Krishna Rao, Ramaprabha, Sangeeta, Tulasi, Hema & Bhuvaneswari

Dialogues: Vegnesa Satish
Music: Koti
Lyrics: Veturi, Sai Sri Harsha, Kandikonda, Surendra Krishna & Madhuphala
Cinematography: V Srinivasa Reddy
Editing: V Nagi Reddy
Fights: Stun Siva

Story - Screenplay - Direction - Producer: EVV Satyanarayana

EVV's latest film 'Nuvvante Naakistam' with his two sons Aryan Rajesh and Naresh as heroes held its muhurat at home of EVV Satyanarayana in his home town Korumamidi on 1st April 2005. Anu Mehta (of Arya fame) is acting as heroine. West Godavari district's collector Sanjay George sounded the clap board and industrialist P Narendranath Chowdary switched on the camera. IGP Gopinadha Reddy directed the first shot. Ambika Krishna performed pooja ceremony.

EVV termed this film as his dream project. He has been working over the script of Nuvvante Nakistam for the past two and half years. This film would be shot in 70 working days. Shooting of this film started on 1st April and would be shot in Korumamidi, Nidadavolu and Rajahmundry for 45 days. This film would also be shot in Hyderabad and Vizag for 10 days each. The unit would move to abroad in the first week of June to shoot a couple of songs.

Aryan Rajesh, Naresh, Anu Mehta and others expressed their satisfaction over working for this project.

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