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Satyameva Jayathe film launch
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June 21, 2008


YSR launched Rajasekhar’s Satyameva Jayate
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy today formally launched Satyameva Jayate, the much hyped film of actor Rajasekhar at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad. Former Union Ministers Dasari Narayana Rao, T. Subbarami Reddy, state ministers Konijeti Rosaiah, Manganti Babu and APSRTC Chairman M. Satyanarayana Rao, Congress leader Kanumuri Bapiraju, Dr. D. Ramanaidu, heroines (Sheril Pinty, Sanjana and Neetu Chandra), Atul Kulkarni and Milin Soman (of Bollywood), director Jeevita Rajasekhar, music director Chinna were among the prominent present on the dais.

While Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy lighted the lamp and sounded the clapboard on actor Rajasekhar (in the getup of a police officer) and RTC chairman MS Satyanarayana (debut as reel Chief Minister), the muhurt short was directed by Dasari Narayana Rao, with TSR switching on the camera. No sooner the launch formalities were finished than YSR left the venue without making any speech. Giving send off to the chief guest, the guests of the evening came back to address the media and the general gathering.

Rajasekhar’s indirect remarks against opponents
Actor Rajasekhar went nostalgic all through his 40-minute speech at the climax. “You know how many difficulties we faced recently. Our script (of the film Satyameva Jayate) was burnt. But, they (?) can’t burn script in our heart. We are going to tell a fitting lesson to them. Satyameva Jayate is going to rock.” The hero further alleged that there some forces doing their best prompting the heroines not to work in my films. “Now, I got three heroines. Sanjana, a beautiful heroine; Sheril Pinty and Neetu Chandra.” He said he craved to work with a heroine like Neetu Chandra, a black belt in Karate, who is now working as his subordinate cop. He spoke at length about the moral support he got from his wife Jeevita, particularly during a mob attack on them. Regarding the script, he said: “We got it thoroughly modified in tune with the taste of Telugus.” Giving a final touch to his prolonged speech, which he did doing a march-past on the stage, he maintained: “Still, people ask me why I am not able to learn proper Telugu accent. They praise Jeevita and I feel very happy. She is the most beautiful women in my life.” Earlier, he profusely thanked T. Subbarami Reddy for his affectionate gesture when “I was admitted in a hospital, hurt in the shoot of Magaadu film. That time, several producers took the advances back from me.”

New trend in film launches: Dasari
Earlier, Dasari said: “For the first time I am addressing a gathering after participating in the launch function of a movie. It is for the first time in Tollywood that a film launch is being done on a so grand a scale like this. Of course, it is occasionally seen in Tami industry. (Actor) Rajasekhar brought in a new wave in the history of film inaugurals in Telugu industry. Long ago, once I saw YSR making his presence at Annapurna studios. This is YSR’s second public participation in a function completely related to the film industry. He doesn’t have the habit of watching films. Rajasekhar and Jeevita succeeded in getting the CM here. They made it possible with their love and affection for the chief minister. I wish the unit of Satyameva Jayate a grand success.”

More women directors need of the hour
Dasari narrated an anecdote from his political career. “Once, I was in East Godavari with MSR (the then APCC President and me, the vice president). Seeing the public response to me, he got down the car and made me sit in the front. He said that people had come to see Dasari. It is a big plus point to the Congress party.” He further said: “I appreciate Rajasekhar couple for selecting MSR as the CM in their film. Rajasekhar has pucca planning for this film. He is a Sivaji Ganeshan in Telugu film industry. I hope he will live up the expectations of the public with this film.” A word of praise came in for Jeevita, when the former minister said: “We need more and more dynamic women directors like Jeevita and Jaya.” He suggested Rajasekhar to blot out the stigma on him that he was a latecomer on the sets.

After 55 Yrs of political acting, here as actor: MSR
MS Narayana gave his little, but a highlight speech in his brand mark style. “I had put in a service of 55 years as a politician and acted so much in this field. Now, Rajasekhar and Jeevita asked me to act as CM in their film. They did formally earlier. Later, I too accepted to act on the big screen. When I was the Cinematography minister, long back, even Ramanaidu also asked me to act in his films. But, the chance went to Rajasekhar’s film. I am not new person to Telugu film industry. In fact, I produced a movie – Chivaraku Migiledhi – with Savitri. We got three awards – best actress, best director and actress; and the movie didn’t run. When in Madras, I could see ANR and NTR in their close-ups.”

“After all, I took up big positions in my life. I did the In-charge for six states, 25 years ago. As I am acting in this film, I would feel proud and great to hear from the audience when my name is credited for the success,” the veteran politician added.

Six for Villain, four for Hero
T. Subbarami Reddy poured out his rhetoric, which consisted of suggestions to director Jeevita as how a movie should be made. “If a hero gives six punches to the villain, he should be ready to take at least four from him. Be careful while dealing with emotions. Too much of emotion is too bad. Let it be mixed with coolness also."

Film Star Vs Politician
Kanumuri Bapiraju said: "Politics and cinema are the two most difficult fields. The turn of acting comes to a politician once in five years. But for an actor, he should prove his mettle with each film. The way the politicians behave as if they were given respect in society sickens me. In fact, they (politicians) don't command any respect. But, I have unique respect for artistes. They give entertainment to the people, burning themselves like a candle." His slow and numb speech made some of the gathering remark that his moustache-style didn't suit his modulation.

Hollywood actor in Rajasekhar: Dialogue brother
Paruchuri Gopala Krishna said: "Rajasekhar and Jeevita are the only people in Tollywood who call me as director. Several years ago, I directed Repati Swarajyam, starring the couple. Many called Jeevita as Mini Sarada, but she sacrificed her career for Rajasekhar. Rajaekhar is incredibly expressive and he would have reached greater heights had he been in Hollywood."

Bollywood villain in Telugu
Milind Sonam, who debuts as Tollywood villain said: "I saw most of the globe and acted in Hollywood and Bollywood as well. It gives me unique satisfaction to be working in Telugu films. Now, I can't speak in Telugu. Next time, I will learn and talk to you in Telugu."

Atul Kulkarni said: "You know that I worked in Hindi film Khakee. When Rajasekhar asked me to work in Satyameva Jayate, I was thrilled. The way he had modified the script was superb. I am sure; the film is going to be a big hit."

MSR cynosure at Satyamaeva Jayate launch
The launch of Rajasekhar-starrer Satyameva Jayate catapulted RTC Chairman and veteran Congress horse M. Satyanarayana Rao to new heights as the chief minister on Vendithera, from his forgotten beginnings as producer in 1958. Though it was chief minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy who graced and inaugurated the film, all eyes were cast on MSR, who enjoyed Siva Reddy’s mimicking him. He caught the sudden attention of the media and the dignitaries for one reason; that, he is the chief minister of Satyameva Jayate. Reel and Real Chief Ministers sharing the dais... are making a rare combination of politics and cinema for the big screen. Siva Reddy’s particular pick of MSR remained a big attraction at the venue, though he mimicked several others face to face, including YSR, Rosaiah, hero Rajsekhar. As a matter of fact, the 76-year-old politician completely clouded the two-decade-long “Departmental” charisma of Rajasekhar (seen in cop’s uniform there).

Satyameva Jayate played for expose shots
As part of grand welcome to Chief Minister YSR, photo-documentary was screened, showing his populist works, playing the background score of Rehman’s Vandemataram. It hailed YSR as Legend, which has a special meaning in Tollywood. The welcome show was followed by the expose shots of the three heroines, with hero hugging one of them. The repeat playing of the title to a patriotic beats was its background score.

Udayabhanu’s patriotism and romance
While inviting the guests to address the gathering, anchor Udayabhanu termed former Union Minister Dasari Narayana Rao as Mahatmudu; and T. Subbarami Reddy, as Mahaneeyudu. When it came to Milind Sonu, she requested him to dub his voice by himself as she didn’t want to miss the pull of his voice. His reply came in the lighter vein: “You should not compliment me.” The anchor said: “I say because loved you so much.” Earlier, she invited the Congress MP KVP Ramachandraiah onto the dais. Wishing him a happy birthday, she asked the gathering to sing the Birthday song. Pathetically, there was not even a single clap and shout. Pin drop silence, followed by claps of the guests on the dais.

Geetha Madhuri’s Vaji Vaji
Playback singer Geetha Madhuri cheered the gathering with her performance. Clad in black skirt and blue top, she remained a major feminine attraction at the venue and seemed to shade the glamour of Udayabhanu, had she continued. While singing Sivaji’s vaji vaji number, she freely shared the looks with the gathering, unlike her male colleague, who did it stiff, looking at the notes. lness also.”

Satyameva Jayate played for expose shots
As part of grand welcome to Chief Minister YSR, photo-documentary was screened, showing his populist works, playing the background score of Rehman's Vandemataram. It hailed YSR as Legend, which has a special meaning in Tollywood. The welcome show was followed by the expose shots of the three heroines, with hero hugging one of them. The repeat playing of the title Satyameva Jayate to patriotic beats was its background score.


Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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