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Pressmeet: Andhrudu
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2nd March 2005
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ML Kumar Chowdary is producing a film titled 'Andhrudu' with Gopichand and Gowri Pandit in the main leads in the direction of Paruchuri Murali. The unit has arranged a press meet at Rama Krishna Horticulture studios, Nacharam to explain the progress -

Speaking on this occasion producer ML Kumar Chowdary said that he is making Andhrudu with the hit hero Gopichand (Yagnam) and hit director Paruchuri Murali (Pedababu). Shooting of this film started on 11th February and would continue till 11th March. This film would be wrapped up in the second schedule which would start in 2nd of April.

Hero Gopichand said that the rushes of the film have come out well. He thanked K Viswanath for his tips in acting. He opined that camerawork by C Vijaya Kumar would be an asset to this film. The character of 'Andhrudu' would be different from the characters enacted by Gopichand so far. If his character is a rough village based one in Yagnam, his Andhrudu character is going to be of a sophisticated guy with city backdrop. This film also would have realistic fights.

K Viswanath said that he is playing the role of hero's father. He commended Gopichand for his dedication and commitment towards career. He opined that story of this film is an asset.

Music director Kalyani Malik said that there would be six songs in this film and three tunes are okayed so far. Currently they are canning a traditional song 'kokilamma - badayi chalinchuma'. Three songs in this film are penned by Chandra Bose.

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