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Anti video piracy press meet
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October 17, 2008

surya s/o krishnan

Producers Nallamalupu Bujji, Anand Prasad, Teja and Dil Raju have today expressed their anguish at the laid-back attitude of the state government and the Producers' Council monitored Anti Video Piracy cell at the ongoing piracy of the latest films in a big way.

My son purchased pirated video CD: Teja
Director and producer Teja said: "Long back I spoke about video piracy. That was during the time of Jayam. Now, I am prompted to speak again. Actually, I was not aware that a anti-video piracy cell existed. My son happened to visit Salem recently. From there, he purchased pirated video CD consisting of three films (including Ready). When he showed me, I was stunned. I informed the same to a colleague of mine. He advised me to take the matter to the notice of the Anti-Video Piracy cell. Then, I came to know that such a cell is there."

I am ready to take law into my hands
"Now, my latest film Keka is releasing on 23rd. I don't know why the audiences are encouraging the video piracy. Those who encourage the thieves are also part of the crime. If anybody thieves gold or cash, it can be retrieved. But, the film is the intellectual property of filmmakers. When it is stolen, it can never be recovered. I strictly warn those who do the piracy and who encourage the piracy (audience) that I am ready to take the law into my hands. I am ready to turn into a criminal (Nerasthudu). I am even ready to go to the jail. I appeal to all – Don't touch my product (Keka) and subject it to piracy. What can I do when the government and the Producers' Council are maintaining a slack stand? I also ask the audience: How would you feel if your property is being thieved?"

Please watch films in theatres: Dil Raju
Dil Raju (in the context of Bangaru Lokam) said: "I directly appeal to the audiences not to encourage the video piracy. In fact, the producers spend crores of rupees and bring out the movie. When it is being pirated, it will lead to difficulties to many segments – the distributors and the exhibitors. A number of lives are dependent on the films. So, please watch the films in the theatres and work for the betterment of the Telugu film industry."

Theatres face threat of closure: Anand Prasad
Anand Prasad (Producer of Sowryam) said: "While the film industry is facing a very tough time with video piracy everywhere, the implementation of the reduced ticket prices at the theatres has turned into a nightmare to the producers. I sought the government's intervention to look into this problem and reinstate the policy of enhancing the ticket rates for the first two weeks, making it applicable to both big and small films. I also request the audience to discourage the video piracy. If this is continued, there will come a time when the theatres in the state would be closed down. In the name of anti-piracy cell, lakhs of rupees is being collected from the produces."

Kona Venkat said: "Our film industry met the government several times requesting it to take steps for checking the video piracy. But, no concrete step is taken. At this juncture, it is high time that the audiences came to the rescue of the producers, by directly watching the films in the theatres."

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