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Devarakonda Veeraiah – Press Meet
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August 23, 2008

devarakonda veeraiah

Shoot of Red Star R. Narayanamurthy's latest film – Devarakonda Veeraiah (Koothuru Kosam) – is complete after brisk schedule for 36 days. Made on Sneha Chitra Pictures, the film has story, screenplay, direction and production by Narayanamurthy. Music is by Vandemataram Srinivas. A press meet was held at Prasad Labs Preview Theatre, Hyderabad to apprise the media of the film's progress. The film stars Priyanka as RNM's daughter.

Maniacs' threats and ragging
Narayanamurthy said: "Devarakonda Veeraiah with caption Koothuru Kosam is truly about the adventures of a father – how he loves his daughter, works hard for her upbringing. The moving part of the film is that his relentless fight when he finds himself deprived of justice. Generally my films are about current issues. The greatest asset which a parent would give to his child is education, these days. But unfortunately, some maniacs are attacking the girl students, when they want to study. These psychos come and demand the girls: I love you. Are you accepting or not? I want to marry? Will you marry me or not? – If these innocent girls don't accept as they want to study, they are murdered in the classrooms, ruthlessly hacked like Jyothirmayi or Ayesha Mira. This is due to loopholes in the jurisprudence of our country. If these things continue, do you think we really have the Independence? This is my topic. I also touched on the ugly subject of ragging in colleges." He thanked the entire cast, crew and outdoor unit for their cooperation in the completion of the film in record 36 days, despite heavy rains. Post production work would be taken up soon.

Impact of red literature on RNM
Vandemataram Srinivas, who provides music, said: "R. Narayanamurthy garu, who introduced me as music director in the film industry, is always influenced by the revolutionary songs and patronized people like me in a very big way. The film has some of the excellent songs in this mold." The music director sang three songs from the album, written by Suddala Ashok Teja and Goreti Venkanna, against Globalization and plight of girl students.

Cast includes: Gogineni Prasad, YS Krishneswara Rao, Sharafath, Balu Mahendra, Sairam, Karate Lakshmi, Linda, Tupakula Mogali and others.

Crew: Choreogrpahy – Mukkuraju; Stunts – Dragon Prakash; Lyrics – Vangapandu Prasada Rao, Gorati Venkanna, Suddala Ashok Teja and Jayaraj; cinematography – M. Prasad.

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