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Press Meet - Yeh Dharti Hamari
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September 16, 2007

john appa rao

Venkat Kuchipudi is directing a film titled ‘John Appa Rao 40+’ with Krishna Bhagawan and Simran in the main leads. Venkat held a press meet to explain the progress. Here are the excerpts -

Krishna Bhagawan said, “I am not the kind of guy who jumps at hero offers as I know what I am and my limitations. But when Venkat Kuchipudi narrated me the story, I felt as if he had written in by keeping my strengths in mind. And when he told Simran is doing the heroine role, it was a shock of life time to me. This script has Bhagyaraja touch in it. It is a comedy film with some suspense element. I knew Venkat Kuchipudi even before I became busy as comedian. He called me long back to work as a dialogue writer for his script ‘Vamsi & Varma’.”

Director Venkat Kuchipudi said, “45% of the shoot is completed. This film is a completer entertainer. Krishna Bhagawan is doing the role of successful costumes designer. Though he is successful, he is not good at worldly affairs. He remains bachelor even after completing 40 because he gave priority to his professional goals. The story of the film is all about what happens when this guy meets a lady like Simran. Simran is doing the role of UK based business woman. Though my first film Modati Cinema flopped, I appreciated for the comedy scenes. I am using that strength to a full length comedy film John Appa Rao. We shot an item song on Krishna Bhagawan and Ruthika in Dubai. We are going to shoot a couple of songs on the lead pair in Australia and New Zealand soon. There are four songs and two bits songs in this film. Climax of the film is going to be highly emotional. This is going to be the first film to be shot with Super 16 camera in Telugu. We are planning to release the film either in December or January. I named this banner as ‘Black & Eight act’ because is black and eight are my favorite color and number respectively.”

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