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Maro Charitra press meet
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January 30, 2010


Press meet to Dil Raju’s latest movie Maro Charitra with Varun Sandesh and Anita in the direction of Ravi Yadav was held today morning. Dil Raju, Ravi Yadav, Varun Sandesh, Anita, Shraddha Das, Umarji Anuradha, Sirish and Lakshman attended it.

Ravi Yadav said, “We are remaking the legendry classic Maro Charitra. It is a powerful love story. We gave a modern touch to the old Maro Charitra. We followed the story and screenplay of K Bala Chandar and retained the soul of the movie. The climax of the film will have novelty. We shot the movie in USA, UK, Canada, Dubai, Hyderabad and Vizag.

Umarji Anuradha said, “I feel happy to work for Dil Raju production. It is not difficult to write dialogues for a new story. But it is extremely challenging to pen dialogues for the remake of a big classic.”

Anita said, “I am a Telugu girl brought up in USA. It is a new experience for me to in act in this movie.”

Shraddha Das said, “My role in this movie offers variety compared to the ones I had done in the past. It is a performance oriented role.”

Varun Sandesh said, “This is my second movie with Dil Raju. This film will be liked by the new generation.”

Dil Raju said, “People expect movie with messages on Sri Venkateswara banner. I can’t do any experiments on that banner. That is why we started a new banner to make films like these. We are experimenting by remaking a legendry movie. I liked the story idea given by the director Ravi Yadav. Micky J Meyer gave amazing music. We are planning to launch audio on 14 February on the eve of Valentines day and release the movie for summer.”

Photo Gallery (Photos by G Narasaiah)
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