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Pressmeet - Murder - Mallika Sherawat
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25th March 2004
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Mallika Sherawat has become the latest sex symbol of Bollywood with her un-abandoned exposing in the film 'Kwaish'. Now she is ready for yet another skin show as an unfaithful wife in Mahesh Bhatt's 'Murder'. Here is the synopsis of this film -

Sudhir (Ashmit Patel) and Simran Sehgal (Mallika Sherawat) are a young Indian couple who along with their 5 year old son Kabir, live in the wealthy suburbs of Bangkok. But life does not go unchallenged: Already lonely in a strange city, one stormy day Simran bumps into her ex-lover, Sunny(Emraan Hashmi). It's an encounter which assaults her mystery, spontaneity, charm and risk. Sunny succeeds in pursuing her and ultimately lures her into an extra-marital affair, and everything goes downhill from there. It puts Simran into an affair which becomes her obsession. When Sudhir learns that his wife has lied to him, suspicion propels him to uncover the shocking details of her infidelity. He confronts her lover, leading all three of them down a path of destruction and devastation that none of them could have possibly ever imagined.

Press conference:

A press conference was arranged in Hotel Tabla in Hyderabad by the unit of 'Murder'. Mahesh Bhatt, Mallika Sharawat, Ashmit Patel, Emraan Hashmi and Anurag Basu attended this meet. Here are a few questions hurled at them and see how they responded -

Q to Mahesh Bhatt: Don't you think the teasers of this film are titillating? Would you recommend this film to be watched with family?
Mahesh Bhatt: I watched the preview of 'Murder' with my wife and 15-year-old daughter and did not feel uncomfortable watching it with my family members. In fact, my daughter surf sex sites on internet. Since, it has got an A certificate, the exhibitors should make sure that nobody below 18 years of age should enter the screening theater.

Q to Mahesh Bhatt: What is this film all about?
Mahesh Bhatt: This film explores the relationships between affluent couples in India and abroad.

Q to Mahesh Bhatt: Is this film inspired by Hollywood flick 'Unfaithful'?
Mahesh Bhatt: No it is not. This film is inspired by 1940's Hollywood film 'Double Indemnity'. There are no copyrights for this film as it was made in 1940's. The hero Emraan and Ashmit Patel have faced similar situations in their real life (extramarital affair with married woman). Their experience also came in handy.

Q to Mahesh Bhatt: You are a veteran filmmaker. Why are you exploiting sex and making utterly commercial films instead of doing films that gives message to the society?
Mahesh Bhatt: I have made award winning films like 'Zakhm' by burning a hole into my pocket. Those films did not run even for a week. This is the hard reality of commercial cinema and there is nothing wrong in making films like 'Murder'.

Q to Mahesh Bhatt: Why are you making films with all new faces? Why don't you make films with stars?
Mahesh Bhatt: For big hero films, if a film becomes hit - the big hero walks away with the total credit. If that film flops, the blame goes to director. I prefer making films with new faces, as it increases my responsibility as filmmaker.

Q to Mallika Sherawat: Don't you think acting in films like 'Kwaish' and 'Murder' would make your image fixed to the title of 'sex bomb' and it won't allow to fetch any performance-oriented roles in future?
Mallika Sherawat: I feel proud when people call me sexy. I am comfortable doing these kinds of roles. I do not have any problem with that sexy image.

Murder film would be releasing in Hindi and Telugu simultaneously on 2nd April 2004.

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