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Prasthanam on 16 April
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3 April 2010

Deva Katta’s (Vennela fame) second movie Prasthanam is all set to release on 16 of April. The unit members arranged a press meet. Here are the excepts –

Deva Katta said, “It’s been three months since music of Prasthanam was launched. We took ample time of three months to make sure that the post-production work is of high standards. Each and every technicians/cast loved this movie. The title Prasthanam might remind us of Sri Sri’s Maha Prasthanam. The political aspect is just one of the flavours of the movie. The central point of the movie revolves around the saying that we reap what we sow. There are three important characters in this movie.”

Sharwanand said, “Deva Katta worked over this script for two years. The postproduction of the movie is complete. Our producer is planning to release the movie on 16 April.”

Actor Sandeep Kishan said, “Sneha Geetam is my debut film and Prasthanam is my second movie. Prasthanam film is a character play. I learnt about playing character from the director Deva Katta.”

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