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Santosham 100 days function
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Santosham 100 days function

10th December 2002
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100 days celebrations of Nagarjuna's latest blockbuster 'Santosham' were held at Rock Gardens in Shilpa Ramam, Hyderabad on 10th December 2002. The venue sports a special environment with natural rocks as backdrop. Colorful lighting and cascading waterfalls add special glamour to the rocks. Most of the film Industry people attended the function. Chiranjeevi was invited as the special guest. Other heroes who attended the function other than Nagarjuna are Jr. NTR and Ravi Teja. Jr. NTR, Chiranjeevi, Dasari, B Gopal, Arti Agarwal and EVV Satya Narayana give away shields. AVS compared the event. Shriya and Prabhudeva were also attended the function along with the other cast and crewmembers.

Dasari told that he liked Santosham film a lot and he requested the filmmakers to make such a healthy and entertaining films. He congratulated debutant director Dasarath on this occasion.

Jr. NTR referred to Nagarjuna as 'babai' and said that he sincerely liked Santosham a lot. He also said that he want to know how Nagarjuna is maintaining such a good figure. He wished that he could shed some weight.

Speaking on this occasion, Chiranjeevi told that he once asked Allu Arvind why he was making very few films as other producers were churning out 4-5 films at a time (when Chiranjeevi stayed in Chennai). Then Allu Arvind replied to Chiranjeevi that if you travel by car from Chennai to Bangalore, you could travel either in 2 hours or in 6 hours. If you travel in 2 hours, there are more chances of risking your life and when you travel in 6 hours, there are minimum chances of risk. Likewise, when we produce films, lots of people are dependent on us and we cant afford to churn out movies at a fast pace and maintain the quality at the same time. After giving this explanation, Allu Arvind is said to have mentioned that there are only few producers who follow this careful method of moviemaking and quoted KL Narayana as an example. Chiranjeevi said that KL Narayana is also a credible builder in the city and he carries lot of goodwill.

Chiranjeevi said that he likes Nagarjuna as human being. Chiranjeevi mentioned that Nagarjuna is a mitha bhashi (speaks less) and whatever less he speaks, Nagarjuna makes sure that he speaks sense and good logic. Chiranjeevi quoted an incident by saying that he read an article (When Chiranjeevi was in Waranasi on 1st of January 2002) in which Nagarjuna mentioned some good words about Chiranjeevi and Chiranjeevi was deeply touched by that gesture. Chiranjeevi immediately wrote a letter to Nagarjuna by thanking him. Then Nagarjuna is said to have replied saying that don't work too hard and take some rest. Chiranjeevi used this occasion to reveal this incident happened between them.

Chiranjeevi said that he also called up Nagarjuna and complimented him that he was looking very handsome in Santosham. Then Nagarjuna showed humbleness by quoting that the credit goes to S Gopal Reddy for enhancing the glamour on screen with the camera. Chiranjeevi reiterated that he and Nagarjuna are very good friends. And all the present generation heroes in film industry are maintaining very good relationships. He urged other heroes not to entertain any third person's attempts to create rifts between the stars.

Nagarjuna became more alarmed when he was asked to speak. He thanked Chiranjeevi for the compliments and said that Chiranjeevi's words increased his responsibility. Nagarjuna said that the film is hit because of team work. He said that Dasarath narrated him Santosham story when Nagarjuna was in a state of confusion amidst the films that were not doing well. He also said that he prefer the character that suits his age. He thanked Durga Arts banner for giving him a good hit when he needed it the most. He said he would be grateful to the banner of Durga Arts.

exclusive photo gallery (photos by Giri)


KL Narayana & Chiranjeevi

Arti to Shriya

Black and white combination - Sunil & Arti

Chiru & KRR


The family of agarwals

Aditi Agarwal (Gangotri heroine)

Ram Chran Teja, Chiru & KRR

The smiling sisindri

Ram Chran Teja

Aditi & Arti agarwals

Akhil & Amala

Chiranjeevi & Nagarjuna

Chiru sharing santosham with the team

KRR, Viswanath & Chiru

Chiranjeevi & Prabhudeva

Chiranjeevi to Brahmanandam

Akhil & Amala

The family of Nagarjuna

Chiranjeevi & Nagarjuna

The family of Nagarjuna

KRR and K Viswanath

Chiru, KL Narayana and Allu Arvind

Santosham written on the rock

KL Narayana & Chiranjeevi

S Gopal Reddy

Aswini Dutt receiving distribution shield from Chiranjeevi

Dasari giving shield to an exhibitor

EVV giving away shield to Usha

EVV to Anup (RP's assistant)

EVV to S Gopal Reddy

Jr. NTR to Dasarath

Jr. NTR speaking about his 'babai' (nag)

B Gopal to Asmita (Nag's costume designer)

Chiranjeevi to Brahmanandam

Chiranjeevi to Trivikram

Chiranjeevi to K Viswanath

Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna

Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna


Ali & AVS



Arti Agarwal

Shriya & Arti Agarwal
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