An Rs 250 musical instrument scores music for Poonakalu Loading

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5 January 2023

Released last week, Poonakalu Loading, a rap number from megastar Chiranjeevi-starrer Waltair Veerayya has been a chartbuster, accumulating over 12 million views so far. The choreography, the synergy between the megastar and the mass maharaja and the composition in particular worked in favour of the song. Interestingly, composer Devi Sri Prasad used predominantly a single instrument – a cheer horn – to score it. The composer termed it as Pachani Gottam in one of his promotional interviews with director Bobby, choreographer Sekhar and lyricist Roll Rida, discussing the film’s soundtrack. He purchased it from a musical shop in Goa. “Whenever I visit a new place, I purchase local instruments from that place. My studio is filled with such instruments. When I was going around in Goa for a musical instrument, I found this Pachani Gottam in a kids section of a music shop. It was like a kerosene funnel. I picked it up for Rs 250,” Devi recalled in the interview.

Upon learning the genesis behind the song, Jeevi, lauding Devi, posted on Twitter, “Pachani gottam! Hilarious. That ₹250 kids toy is the signature of this song #PoonakaluLoading @ThisIsDSP is like a kid at heart who keeps looking for inspiration to do creative work!.”

Responding to Jeevi, Devi posted a couple of pictures of the cheer horn from the studio. He also wrote, “Thaaaanku so much sirr @idlebrainjeevi On this note, posting d pics of Pic : 1 #PacchaniGottam #GreenGottam #CheerHorn Wit which I created d SIGNATURE of #PoonakaluLoading Pic : 2 I still kept d ₹250 safe on that as a Memory.”



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