Ambajipeta Marriage Band is inspired by true incidents in late 2000s, reveals director Dushyanth

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24 January 2024

Suhas, who had three releases last year - Writer Padmabhushan, Manu Charitra and the web show Anger Tales, will be next seen in Ambajipeta Marriage Band, a rural drama. The trailer of the film, which hits screens on February 2, was launched today in the presence of the cast, crew and film buffs. Shivani Nagaram, Saranya Pradeep, Jagadeesh Prathap play other important roles.

During the press interaction, the director Dushyanth Katikaneni revealed that the story is inspired by true incidents. The storyteller is based out of the Godavari region and took adequate care to stay true to the milieu. The tale is based on a real incident in 2007 and Dushyanth fictionalised it with necessary cinematic liberties to lend it a commercial appeal.

The director insists that the story isn’t about caste discrimination, but a problem involving a few set of people and promises several surprises in theatres. This is a script that has stayed with the director for over six years now and Suhas was his only choice to play the lead role. Suhas revealed he said yes to the film for its relatability.

The makers were particular about casting a Telugu girl as the heroine and waited for over a month to finalise newcomer Shivani Nagaram for the part. Given the several challenges associated with making small films, the entire team took part in a workshop before shoot.

Several actors worked on the Godavari slang, were thorough with their lines during rehearsals and this made the job easier during the execution. While actor-director Venkatesh Maha was to produce the film initially, the reins were transferred to Dheeraj Mogilineni owing to the former’s packed commitments.


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