Ambajipeta Marriage Band trailer: Romance and class conflict

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24 January 2024

The trailer of Ambajipeta Marriage Band is here and it promises to be an absolute emotional roller-coaster. It was dropped by the makers at AAA Cinemas, Hyderabad on Wednesday.

The two-minute-15-second clip introduces Suhas both as a barber and a part of Ambajipeta Marriage Band troupe. If he plays band in the village, the sound will resonate until Ambajipeta centre, says a character about Suhas’ exploits with the band. A fan of actor Abbas’ hairdo, he is madly in love with Lakshmi (played by Shivani) and she reciprocates. Their romance occupies a good one minute of the trailer. The pair looks fresh and their romance even fresher. Suhas’ happy-go-lucky life is turned upside down when his sister, a school teacher (Sharanya Pradeep), faces humiliation at the hands of the village influential man’s brother, causing friction between him and Suhas while disturbing the peace of the village. The cops too side with the influential man’s family, angering Suhas further. Soon, Suhas’ side believes the affluent man played with their honour and it's time they return the favour. What happens next?

Overall, the trailer catches your attention instantly and promises a breezy love story, which then takes an intense route with class conflict as the central theme. Suhas fits the character of an innocent youngster to a tee, while later transforming into someone who fights for the cause of honour and self respect of his people, while Shivani is easy on the eyes. Sharanya Pradeep, Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari and Goparaju Ramana seem to have gotten supporting roles with a lot of meat.

Written and directed by Dushyanth Katikaneni, Ambajipeta Marriage Band, produced by GA2 Pictures and Dheeraj Mogilineni, sails into cinemas on February 2nd. It’s a Sekhar Chandra musical.



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