Rahul Yadav Nakka’s next titled Brahma Anandam

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23 January 2024

In an industry where success ratio is abysmal, producer Rahul Yadav Nakka stands out, for his three films –Malli Raava, Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya and Masooda – have been money spinners. And Rahul, who bides his own time, has okay-ed his next. As usual, he will be introducing a new director –RVS Nikhil – with the project to be made under Swadharm Entertainment.

Rahul tells exclusively, “The film’s title is BrahmaAnandam and it’s a comedy and emotional drama involving the journey of a grandfather and his grandson. It starts from the urban space and shifts to the rural space, where majority of the action unfolds.”

Rahul explains that he first read the script last February-March. “It was written more in a comical space. I felt that the characters had that space and they could tell other things as well. I left it there and picked it up again in September-October. In between I was reading other scripts as well but somewhere BrahmaAnandam script clung on to me for some reason. So I rang up Nikhil and said we need to make a lot of changes. We need to have that character depth for both the characters, I advised. We later sat down, discussed and figured out things. The full-blown screenplay is ready,” he reveals.

Rahul has dived into the pre-production and is looking to take the film to floors in March. He has initiated the casting process as well. “Our intention is to wrap up the film in less than 60 days over the course of two schedules beginning mid-March,” he concludes.





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