Chaurya Paatam’s teaser promises a comical heist drama

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10 February 2024

The teaser of Trinadha Rao Nakkina’s maiden production venture, Chaurya Paatam, is out and it promises to be a rib-tickling crime comedy. The film marks the directorial debut of Nikhil Gollamari, while Eagle director Karthik Gattamneni penned the story. He also doubled up as the cameraman.

The one-minute-38-second teaser opens with a gang of four attempting to steal Danapaali Grameena Bank. The gang leader (played by Indhra Ram) spells out four rules to follow before they embark on the mission: 1) The villagers should strongly believe they are documentary filmmakers 2) They should only communicate through walkie-talkies 3) They should speak in code language 4) They should alone see their weapons; they should conceal them in such a way that even James Bond would be shocked. Hearing the stipulations, one of the gang members asks the leader, “The plan is akin to that of Baahubali pre-production plan. Isn’t it risky?” The gang leader retorts: “Baahubali is also a risk. Look at its result.” How they execute the mission while encountering various obstacles seems to form the crux of the story.

Overall, the teaser promises a ton of laughs as the four go about their job. Heist as a genre is very rare for Telugu cinema goers and it’s good to see a film dealing with it. For a small film, Chaurya Paatam’s production values are neat with Karthik’s camera work standing out, while Davzand’s background score complements the teaser well.

Also featuring Rajeev Kanakala, Edward Pereji, Supriya Aysola, Kreash Raj and Sahadev, Chaurya Paatam arrives in theatres soon.

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