Eagle makers approach Chamber for a solo release date

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19 January 2024

The makers of Eagle, starring Ravi Teja, deferred their release from Sankranti on the assurance from the Telugu Film Chamber that it gets a solo release should they choose a new date of their choice. They picked February 9th as their new bow out date. Initially, Tillu Square was being considered for February 9th but after the Chamber intervened, producer Naga Vamsi decided to reschedule his film.

As everything appeared smooth for Eagle to fly into cinemas on February 9th solo, the makers of Ooru Peru Bhairavakonda and Yatra 2 announced that they too are targeting Feb 9th date, leaving the Eagle makers high and dry.

Left with no option, production house People Media Factory shot off a letter to the Telugu Film Chamber on Thursday and asked them to get involved. In their letter addressed to the President of the Chamber, they said that Eagle was initially slated to arrive on January 13th and after the Chamber intervened, they decided to postpone the movie. “Honouring the Chamber’s decision, we postponed the movie’s release date. We took assurance from the Chamber that we will get a solo release date. The same was acknowledged in the press meet held by the Chamber. Unfortunately, we have been seeing more releases every day and we request you to take this matter off and give us a solo release,” the letter said.

It remains to be seen how this situation pans out in the coming days.

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