Kismat trailer promises a comedy of errors

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27 January 2024

The trailer of Kismat, featuring Abhinav Gomatam, Viswadev and Naresh Agastya, was released at the pre-release event of the film held in Hyderabad on Saturday.

The two-minute-31-second long clip opens with Abhinav Gomatam’s lengthy monologue about his friend's requirements during boozing, reminding one of his famous act in Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi. He is close friends with characters played by Viswadev and Naresh Agastya. Their efforts of finding a job end up as a futile exercise, often facing the wrath of their parents. Of the three, Abhinav has a wicked sense of humour, while Viswadev seems to be slightly innocent. Naresh is razor-sharp, shrewd and also has a girlfriend (played by Riya Suman). Their mundane lives turn upside down when they find cash to the tune of Rs 20 crores but a gangster and his men and cops are on their trail to track them down. What happens next? The answer will unravel only in theatres on February 2th.

Overall, Kismat trailer promises to offer a bagful of laughs with its interesting plot and even interestingly designed lead characters. The bond the three friends share is bound to resonate with the youth. While we feel sorry for their hapless position in life, the one-liners of Abhinav, who seems to be in terrific form, however, land, evoking a great deal of laughter.

A joint production venture between Comrade Film Factory and Atheera productions, the film, also featuring Avasarala Srinivas, Ajay Ghosh, Kedar Shankar, Kasi Viswanath and Gangavva, is a Srinath Badineni directorial.

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