Blockbuster Maker Sandeep Reddy Vanga As A Chief Guest For The Teaser Launch Event Of Yuva Chandraa Krishna, Sahit Mothkhuri, NISA Entertainments, Pragnya Sannidhi Creations Pottel

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17 April 2024

Director Sahit Mothkhuri took extreme care in making his latest flick Pottel. While the title and first look posters created an initial buzz, the three songs released so far by the team received terrific responses from music lovers. In fact, each song was different from the other. Yuva Chandraa Krishna played the lead, while Ananya Nagalla will be seen opposite him. Produced by Nishank Reddy Kudithi of NISA Entertainments and Suresh Kumar Sadige of Pragnya Sannidhi Creations, the movie is getting ready for release.

Take a peek at the humane tale of Pottel with the uplifting teaser unveiling tomorrow. Blockbuster maker Sandeep Reddy Vanga will grace the event as a chief guest and will also do the honours of launching the teaser. His presence will bring extra Josh to the team.

The cinematography is handled by Monish Bhupathi Raju. Karthika Srinivas is the editor and Narni Srinivas is the art director.

The makers will announce the film’s release date soon.

Cast: Yuva Chandraa Krishna, Ananya Nagalla, Ajay, Priyanka Sharma, Thanasvi Chowdary, Noel Sean, Chatrapathi Sekhar, Srikanth Iyengar, Jeevan, Riyaz, Vikram and others.

Technical Crew:
Writer and Director - Sahit Mothkhuri
Producers - Nishank Reddy Kudithi, Suresh Kumar Sadige
Banners - NISA Entertainments, Pragnya Sannidhi Creations
Music Director- Shekar Chandra
Cinematographer - Monish Bhupathi Raju
Editor - Karthika Srinivas
Lyricist - Kasarla Shyam
Art Director - Narni Srinivas
Fights - Pruthvi and Rabin Subbu
Digital Media - Hashtag Manoj

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