Pottel teaser promises an adrenaline-packed ride

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18 April 2024

Roughly two minutes in duration, the teaser opens with our protagonist (Yuva Chandraa Krishna) saying to his love interest (Ananya Nagalla) that he will do anything for her. An illiterate, he is stunned when she asks him to write down her name. He is a meek personality who doesn’t have the strength to defend Ananya when someone eve-teases her. We are then introduced to antagonist Ajay, who comes from an upper caste and who clearly believes that he is superior to others. “Saduvukunte patelu panodu samanamaithadante, nenetla ukuntane (if education makes a servant and landlord equal, how will I tolerate,” he says. Soon, the protagonist’s life turns upside down when, under his watch, a sacred sheep goes missing. The villagers want to attack him for this grave lapse and how he runs to save his and his daughter’s life seems to form the crux of the story.

Overall, the perfect way to describe the teaser would be to call it a bowl of emotions–there is love, grief, innocence, tradition, drama, caste discrimination and a lot of violence, while promising an adrenaline-packed ride. The lead actors keep the proceedings real while the earthy setting adds a lot of authenticity. The background score by Shekar Chandra is stirring as it amps up the tension.

Also featuring Priyanka Sharma, Thanasvi Chowdary, Noel Sean, Chatrapathi Sekhar, Srikanth Iyengar, Jeevan, Riyaz and Vikram, the film is a joint production venture between Nishank Reddy Kudithi of NISA Entertainments and Suresh Kumar Sadige of Pragnya Sannidhi Creations. There’s no release date attached to the project yet.

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