Vijayendra Prasad throws light on SSMB 29, says it’s made for a Telugu audience

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23 January 2024

Vijayendra Prasad, who’s one of the finest screenwriters in Indian cinema today with an enviable record, has a fantastic lineup of projects ahead. However, the biggest of them all is, of course, SSMB 29, to be directed by his son SS Rajamouli, headlined by Mahesh Babu. The film, to be produced by K L Narayana under Sri Durga Arts, is all set to go on floors later this year.

In a recent conversation, the writer-director shared that the script work of SSMB 29 has been completed already. As said earlier, he called it an action adventure on the lines of Indiana Jones. For those wondering if the entire film would unfold amidst a forest backdrop, he dismissed such reports and said only a portion of the film would be set in a jungle.

SSMB 29 will be a set in a modern-day timeline and have a contemporary story, he mentioned. He said the primary target audience for the project would be the Telugu crowds, quoting the lines ‘inta gelichi racha gelavali.’ “I don’t understand the concept of a pan-world film. We want to impress the Telugu crowds first and of course, want the film to be received well in other markets too,” he added.

Contrary to reports, MM Keeravaani has apparently begun working on the music for the film. As per a recent promotional interview for Guntur Kaaram, a few Mahesh Babu fans feared that there won’t be any massy songs in SSMB 29. “Fans should understand that the backdrop of Guntur Kaaram and SSMB 29 are completely different. We’ve made a sincere effort to please his fans.”

He further stated that SS Kanchi, much like his previous films, has played an important role in the scripting of SSMB 29. Responding whether Rajamouli intends to make any changes to the scripts he writes, Vijayendra Prasad shared, “He has all the rights to make changes as per practical needs, but he always informs me of such instances, whenever there are any.”



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