Some people belonging to industry distorted by comments: TG Vishwa Prasad

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8 February 2024

As a part of promoting his Friday release Eagle, producer TG Vishwa Prasad had spoken about corruption at large in the industry, indicating the steps he is taking to address it with his production house People Media Factory, while also outlining the different types of corruption. His statement has ruffled the feathers of some trade union members and labourers.

The producer, however, stated some people belonging to the industry distorted his comments and spread misinformation that he had insulted trade union members and workers. “I was just replying to a reporter on how the quality of films is being affected due to the corruption in my production house. Due to some people’s corruption in the industry, I said the hardworking union members are not getting my money. I don’t understand what others have to do with the comments I made on the internal affairs of my production house,” he said, taking to his X page on Thursday night.

He added, “If someone in my organization doesn't get paid, they can talk directly and take their pay. If the union receives a complaint, we will solve it in the chamber or in the council.”

He noted that he came into the film business because he liked it. “I don't need to steal someone else's hard work,” he pointed out.

Further, he said that the people who are fair can proudly work in his company. “I can take legal action against corrupt people. But I thought of their families and left them. It’s my own decision. It has no connection whatsoever with outsiders. In the 30 films I’ve produced, there is hard work of more than three lakh labour brothers. There are more than 25 films ready to arrive on sets. I’m not against union workers. I’m against those who are robbing their hard work and my money together,” he emphasized.

He concluded his statement, saying he will never succumb to any corrupt person. “Honesty prevails. And cinema is bigger than any individual,” he ended.

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