Yatra 2 trailer promises an emotional rollercoaster ride

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3 February 2024

The trailer of Yatra 2 was released by the makers on Tuesday and it promises to be an uplifting and emotional rollercoaster ride.

Playing out over two minutes and 46 seconds, the trailer, like the earlier teaser, begins with a heart- touching scene where a disadvantaged family seeks the help of YS Rajasekhara Reddy to help their deaf and dumb daughter. The next scene cuts to YSR’s death and it is followed by his son YS Jagan embarking on an odarpu yatra (condolence march) to soothe families whose kin died of shock following the untimely death of YSR in a chopper crash. The Congress’ high command is displeased at this and wants Jagan to stop the yatra but Jagan is determined to continue it even if it means going against the party’s wishes. The political feud between Jagan and Congress seems to have occupied a major time in the trailer. Writer-director Mahi V Raghav also introduces opposition leader (Mahesh Manjrekar) who believes the current generation demands opportune politics. For Jagan, however, credibility is what matters the most as he never believes in dashing peoples hopes after the polls. “Aa credibility leni roju, maa naina ledu, nenu lenu (If the credibility is not there, I don’t exist, so does my father).” Having floated a new party, he now travels across the length and breadth of AP to understand people’s problems as his popularity hits a new high, much to the chagrin of the opposition leader. The trailer ends with a human moment, where Jagan assures–Nenu unnanu, Nenu vinnnanu–to a blind man, taking one back to good old Yatra days.

In conclusion, Mahi seems to have got the emotional beats of what transpired between 2009-2019 right, with able assistance from Santosh Narayanan who comes up with an uplifting and emotional score, and powerful dialogue that packs a punch. Jiiva and Mammootty, with their experience and range, bring alive the characters of Jagan and YSR on screen, while not mimicking them.

A joint production of Three Atom Leaves, We Celluloid, and Shiva Meka, Yatra 2 will open in cinemas on February 8th – the same date Yatra released in 2019.


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