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If you find any good-looking Telugu girl, it's only natural to compliment her as 'Bapu Bomma'. Lets know more about Bapu, who has given a new definition to the cartoon of Telugu and injected reality in Telugu cinema and made a difference to life of Telugu people.

Bapu, Telugu cartoonist, designer and director was born on 14th of December in 1933 as Sattiraju Lakshmi Narayana in Narsapur, West Godari, AP. He graduated as a lawyer from Madras University in 1955. He collaborated with comic writer Mullapudi Venkat Ramana and joined as political cartoonist for Andhra Patrika in 1955. He worked in advertising field till 1960. His paintings are synonymous with a beautiful Lady's figure. Even while painting villainous figures, the beauty and liveliness of his paintings sets him apart from the rest while God gives life to humans but Bapu gives liveliness to his drawings and paintings.

Mullapudi Venkata Ramana has written a story called 'Saakshi' in 1959 for Andhra Patrika for which Bapu has given the illustration. The same story with the same title was made as cinema by Bapu in 1967 as a debutant director. His first film Saakshi was selected for Tashkent film festival in 1968. This film was a rare instance of 60's New Indian Cinema aestheticism in Telugu. He occasionally resorted to painterly imagery in his otherwise realistic approach (e.g Muthyala Muggu). He transported several mythological narratives into contemporary fables (Manavuri Pandavulu).

He gave a totally different images for the artists like Rao Gopal Rao(Muthyala Muggu), Nutan Prasad(Rajadhi Raja), Divyavani(Pelli Pustakam) and AVS(Mr. Pellam) with his creative characterization.

He also made major foray in Hindi field. Manavuri Pandavulu was remade in Hindi as 'Hum Paanch'. This film was strongly defended by populist independent Left. Later on he became unashamed revivalist. His film Thyagayya was a remake of Nagayya's 1946 film. His film Radha Kalyanam was a remake of Andha 7 Natkal(1981) by Bhagyaraj. His 'Toorpu Velle Railu' was based on Mayangurikal Oru Madhu(1975). He remade his own adaptation in Hindi as 'Who Saat Din'. He remade BR Chopra's notorious rape film as 'Edi Nyayam Edi Dharmam'(1982) in Telugu. He remade his own film 'Bangaru Pichuka(1968) as Pelli Koduku in 1994. Incidentally, Vijaya Nirmala acted as heroine in Bangaru Pichuka and her son Naresh acted as hero in Pelli Koduku. His runaway hit Pelli Pustakam was a rehash of Missamma. Though he has become successful in films, the "Passion for Art" did not let him to settle in any other field. But no one could/can beat him especially in drawing front-page paintings. He is second to none but to himself. Many exhibitions and seminars held on his paintings till now have all registered an unforgettable memory to the visitors & viewers.

On the occason of his 68th birthday, wishes Bapu on behalf of it's visitors.

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