Horoscope - Akkineni Nagarjuna

Akkineni Nagarjuna was born on 29th August 1959 at 00:27 Hrs at Chennai
(Written by Astro Maestro Vakkantham Chandra Mouli)


Planetary position is as follows at the time of Nagarjuna's Birth

Lagnam Mrigasira - 1 Mars Uttara - 2 Venus Pubba - 2 Ketu U.Badra-3
Sun Makha - 4 Mercury Aslesha - 3 Saturn Moola - 3 - -
Moon Arudra - 1 Jupiter Visakha - 4 Rahu Hasta - 1 - -

Birth star: Arudra-1st Quarter, Birth Sign (Raasi): Gemini, Sun Sign: Virgo

Dasas :

Dasa From To
Rahu Mahadasa 29-Aug-1959 19-Apr-1975
Jupiter Mahadasa 19-Apr-1975 19-Apr-1991
Saturn Mahadasa 19-Apr-1975 19-Apr-2010
Mercury Mahadasa 19-Apr-2010 19-apr-2027
Followed by Ketu Mahadasa…

Lucky Number: 2
Destiny Number: 7
Lucky days: Sunday, Monday, Friday
Lucky Colors: Green, Cream and White
Lucky Stones: Diamond and Pearl

Nagarjuna is bestowed with many yogas that bring him all types of terrestrial pleasures like prosperity, aptitude, Fame and good relations with rulers. Some of the great yogas those are seen in his horoscope are as follows

  • Ubhayachara (Mars and mercury): This Yoga is caused, if planets, other than the Moon are present on both sides of the Sun. The concerned person will be wealthy, famous and liked by all. He will be a good speaker and his body will be well formed
  • Sunapha (Mercury): If there is a planet, other than the Sun, in the 2nd house from the Moon, this Yoga will be caused. The native will be intelligent, famous and prosperous.
  • Bheri (Venus, Jupiter and Mars): Bestows wealth, spouse, children and fame
  • Kaahala (Sun, Jupiter): The lord of the 4th and 9th houses should be in Kendra from each other, and the lord of the ascendant should be strong to give rise to this Yoga. The native will be daring and obstinate and will hold an executive/administrative position.
  • Daamini (Seven Planets in Six houses): Rich, helpful and famous
  • Raja Yoga: (Mars, Saturn): Turns successful with high achievements
  • Raja Sambandha Yoga (Rahu, Saturn): Develops relations with kings or rulers of his time
  • Mahayoga (Mercury): Power, wealth and authority

Native's Janmalagnam is Taraus and Lagnadipathi Venus in the house of Leo with Sun, due to the aspecting of Lagna by Jupiter Native posses Handsome Appearance with good physic. Due to the Moon in 2nd house (Vaksthanam) and 2nd house Lord Mercury in 3rd house (Vikramashtanam); Native will have Smoothness in voice and Straightforwardness without any Hypocrisy.

Though the person will have a successful educational career, influence of Saturn, Jupiter and Sun forces him to choose an entirely other field.

Marital Life:
Due to the Ashtamadipathi Jupiter in the seventh house and Saturn in Ashtama sthanam (Eighth house) clearly indicates that person will have "Dwikalatra Yogam". After the second marriage, the person will enjoy success both in Professional and congenial life.


Nagarjuna entered the Film Industry as an Actor in the year 1985-86 ("Vikram") under the influence of Jupiter and Sun.

The Lord of Profession, Saturn, Lord of 11th House (Labhasthanam) Jupiter, and Ketu in 11th house has given him a bright career with enormous Name, Fame and Wealth.


  • 'Majnu' was released in the influence of Jupiter, Moon and Rahu. Obviously even that turned a success.
  • Geetanjali' was released in the year 1989 under the influence of Jupiter and Rahu, which again proved to be a great hit
  • 'Shiva', the sensational hit was released in October 1989 under the influence of Jupiter, Rahu and the most powerful Saturn. He also won the Best Actor-Film fare Award.
  • 'Nirnayam' was released in the year 1991 under the influence of Jupiter and Moon. Even that was a successful film.
  • 'Allari Alludu' brought him the craze with more mass appeal that was screened in the influence of Saturn and Rahu.
  • The influence of Saturn as Sub Lord and Super Sub Lord bestowed him with awards and recognition. 'Ninne Pelladatha' is a major example of this. The film, since released in the influence of Mercury (Dhanakaraka), he became a successful producer of the same.
  • The masterpiece 'Annamayya' was released under the influence of Saturn, Ketu and Moon showering him with kudos of all types. He won 'Nandi Award' as best actor.
  • 'Manmadhudu' was proven to be a successful film with the influence of Saturn and Moon.
  • 'Mass' was released in the influence of Saturn and Rahu.

So, all his successful films so far, have the influence of Saturn, Rahu, Mercury and Jupiter.

Saturn Mahadasa will continue till April 2010 which will be a very good period in Nag's career. Under the influence of Saturn - Rahu, Nagarjuna will continue being successful in his ventures and also acquire good wealth.

Chanting of Hanuman chaleesa, Helping Orphans and Visiting Religious places.

('Astro Maestro' Vakkantham Chandramouli can be reached at [email protected])

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