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You are at Home > Community > My Movie starts a new exciting section - My Movie. There are very few movies that touch the human being inside you. All you got to do is pen down your feelings about the movie and mail and share it with fellow visitors.You can send your 'My Movie' letters to [email protected]


Indra: A Stunning Masterpiece

by King Koduru

Aswini Dutt's stunning masterpiece, is arguably one of the most entertaining films ever made, garnering generations of loyal Chiru fans who are forever imprinted with the memory of Chiranjeevi and his dialogues. A rightfully celebrated movie with enough heart and soul to balance its extravagant sets and record-breaking budget.

The act begins with Chiranjeevi as goodhearted young man who lives on the Banks of Varanasi; It then Magnificently references everything from Hindu-Muslim issues to seema-life to teen-age love. This action masterpiece is both a thoughtful look at violence in current life and an entertaining show. In short INDRA will revolutionize the Tollywood world of cinema with its storytelling and amazing dances by Chiru. In addition to film veterans Allu RamaLingaiah and Brahmanandam, the movie also features unforgettable performances from the young Sunil, the beautiful Sonali Bendre and the Chubby Arti Agrawal.

Brilliant casting, with some of the most amazing stunts ever filmed, good music and storytelling helped made INDRA a classic. Chiranjeevi as the Big Don is charismatic. I am sure this Chiru's astonishing film leaves viewers wanting to see it again and again.

And lastly, you should watch this movie on Big-Screen and only with the crowd in Clearview Cinema, NJ, where the fun never stops. Special thanks to the Distributor and all others involved in bringing this 3hr nonstop thrill ride to USofA.

King Koduru.

[email protected].

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