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Open Letter to Editor and community
You are at Home > Community > Open Letters is frequently visited by all the Telugu film industry celebrities, who are net savvy. Here is a platform for the fans to express their sincere suggestions to their stars. Write open letters to your stars and we make sure that they are read by your favorite hero. But make sure that all the letters are positive-minded! You can send your open letters to [email protected]


Dear Editor and Idlebrain community,

Wonder. This open letter discussion triggered me to write a letter to the Idlebrain community. The discussion is well worth prooving. But, dear friends, letters, which you have sent so far, are having some internal points that I do not like. Mainly, these points which triggered me to write a letter to the folks around here. May be, am not that mature enough to write all about that. But, hope you will support me. Ohhhhh. I haven't introduced myself. Right?. I am Chandrika S from Idlebrain community, near Telugucinema Park, Tollywood. Okay, let me comeback to the point.

The letters which are published so far in this site is giving some wrong notions to the industry. The first thing is, every body suggesting their hero to do one film a year and also by getting involved in screenplay, storyboard, fights and music and so on and so on. Okay, let us take a simple calculation here. There are 6 main stream heroes here ( Chiru, Mahesh, Nag, NBK, Pawan and Venky ( in alphabetical order )). And we can see 7 other regular heroes like Rajasekhar, Rajendraprasad, Mohanbabu, Srikanth, Suresh, Suman and Srihari. Okay, now take 2 floating heroes like Venu and Naveen and 4 fresh faces like Tarun, Bhasker and some others. In the above calculation, let us think that, everybody wants to follow your rule. These fresh heroes and floating heroes will change every year. So, we will end up in making of 19 movies. Okay take 150 percent error constant alas "avagadro's number in our good old PV=nRT formula of school days" and calculate again. So the answer is 28 movies. So, my question is do you want to live all the industry workers with just 28 movies?. Think about that. And you all know that, those one maniratam movie and one rajani movie and one kamal hasan movie is having all Tamil crew on the board.

The second point is you are asking your heroes to do movies with those producers and these directors. See many heroes here, many of them are doing lots of pictures for their own production banner (Take brother's, in-laws's to friends movie banner as their own). The first thing here as every body is out here to do the business. Okay, all the heroes we have are the best I can say comparing to any other Filmwood. When we are in this industry for doing sometime of business (either for earning fame or earning money), one should tell that word frankly. Many of them say here in functions that "Natana eee Kalaamathalli ichchina varam" and so on and so on. There is one or two exceptions and please forgive me, if you do not like my words.

We have the best talented directors with us. Take any director and everybody is having very different talent in their style of making. There are many other new talents flowing in. May be it is Super star Krishna who has given the turning points in the industry by introducing different films or latest Venky, Pawan Kalyan or Balakrishna who are giving different themes every time and getting hits. This is the only film industry (Tollywood), which is having the best creative thoughts. Everybody is pushing some new talent and new ideas for the industry, which is good. In early days, every hero was doing his own type of movies and there were at least 170 to 180 movies every year. But, then the industry is in Madras. So, we helped madras film industry to flourish. Thanks to NTR for bringing Hyderabad into the picture and shifting the industry.

You can observe one thing, there are hell lot of Tamil and Malayalam movies which are getting dubbed into telugu and doing business. Our heroes are of inter-state talent and every one can prove themselves in any other territory. So, instead of asking our heroes to do one film a year let us make them international alas WTO (World Trade Organisation). Let us ask our heroes and producers to make movies in all the languages with our Telugu talent and help Industry grow.

And also request our EVV to Teja and Krishna Reddy to Bhasker to do movies in all languages and use them and get the business into Tollywood. Which other film industry is having this much creative and different talent in the world? We have world-class studios like Ramoji to Ramanaidu and Padmalaya to Annapurna. Use your brain guys! Conquer them. Do business and get the industry cheerful.

[email protected]

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