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Meeting the Megastar by Naveen Boyina

To begin with, I would like to thank "" for giving opportunity to share everyone's unforgettable personal experiences. I would like to share my unforgettable moments in my life that happened during my recent India trip.

I am one of the millions of die hard fans of Chiranjeevi garu and one of the luckiest to meet Chiranjeevi sir during my recent vacation. I was returning to New York City on Sept 10th (Saturday) and got chance to meet Chiranjeevi garu on the day before.

As my uncle works as a junior artist in Telugu film industry, I got admission into "Seven Acres" where "Jai Chiranjeeva" shooting was happening. I reached the shooting spot at 9:30AM and to my surprise, Chiranjeevi sir is already there at the location. I just could not believe that I was few feet away from Chiranjeevi garu.

Pin Drop silence was there all over the location in spite of lots of crew members. Initially, I thought I can not reach Chiranjeevi garu as there were lot of restrictions from shooting perspective. I waited for two hours but did not get chance to meet Chiranjeevi garu.

Finally, I could dare to face Chiranjeevi garu and greeted him from a distance. I got the smile back from Chiranjeevi garu and I decided to approach him.

That's it...from that moment, I just lost myself and started talking to him with lot of tension and excitement. Chiranjeevi garu was so polite, down to earth person. He was talking to me as if he knows me before. He asked me so many questions like... The Place I live in USA, The company I work for, My academic back ground, etc.

I asked him if I can give him a suggestion...Chiranjeevi garu accepted my request.

"I told him that Telugu movies have to be released in USA with subtitles in English that will allow us to bring our Non-Telugu friends to the theaters!!!"

Later on, I requested chiranjeevi garu for having few snaps with him. He gracefully accepted my request. Thanks a lot to Chiranjeevi garu for being so kind and making my India trip a memorable one to remember forever!!!

- Naveen Boyina

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Fan File
Name Naveen Boyina
Star Chiranjeevi
Venue Annapurna 7 Acres
Star Quote: 'Naa abhimanulandaru Naa Blood Brothers' - Chiranjeevi at Annayya function
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