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Jeevi rating: 1 (one)
Banner: Sri Srinivasa Sai films
Cast: Akash, Anupriya, MS Narayana, Sudhakar, Krishnaveni, Sakuntala, Brahmanandam, Jeeva, Hariprasad, Surya, Tirupati Prakash, Raghubabau and Ashita
Art: Aatyanarayana
Music: Koti
Photography: Jayaram
Dialogues: Marudhuri Raja
Story - Screenplay - Direction: B. Satyanaidu
Producer: G Peddi Reddy & K Girija Kumari

Theatrical Release Date: 8th March 2002



Balu (Akash) is a sincere and hardworking student who is just graduated from college. He meets a junior girl Aishwarya (Anu Priya) in his college at the time of graduation. Both of them like each other. But due to shyness, they don't express their feelings.

Meanwhile, Balu parents force him to get married soon. Balu was not sure if Aishwarya loves him and he doesn't want to take any chances of losing her friendship by expressing his love. He wants to go for a love marriage. Hence, he puts a condition to his parents that he would attend 'pelli choopulu', then date with a girl for 6 months. If both of them like each other then marriage would be the next step. When Aishwarya is about to express her love, Balu tells her that his 'pelli choopulu' are successful and selected a girl named Ramya (Ashita) to date for six months.

The rest of the film deals with the triangle of Balu, Aishwarya and Ramya and about whom Balu married in the end.


Akash: Akash is OK in this film. But there is something terribly wrong with the dubbing done to him. The voice of the dubbing artist is not in sync with the expressions of Akash and it sounded awkward. Akash seems to have some stock expressions and dance movements. He kept on repeating them. With the pace by which he is acting in films, he will become redundant after two more films. He should improve his range of expressions.

Anu Priya: She resembles Bhanu Priya (Bhanu Priya after she entered 30's). Probably that is the reason why she is screen-named as 'Anu Priya'. She looks pretty much elder to Akash. She is horrible in dances. Her acting too is very artificial. The love stories need the kind of heroines who make the film viewing a pleasant experience. Even if the film is pathetic, the crowds don't mind staying till the end if the heroine is beautiful and romantic. Anu Priya is a negative asset to the film.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay - Direction: This film is one of the best examples of bad direction and screenplay in the recent films I have seen. The screenplay of the film makes you squirm with grudge in your seat. The direction is very amateurish. There are gaping loopholes in the scenic order. The debutant director Satya Nayudu needs to go back to his school again and learn the basics of filmmaking before venturing into his next project.

Music: Looks like only Sravanthi Ravi Kishore know how to extract the right stuff from Koti (for Nuvve Kavali and Nuvvu Naaku Nachav film). The music for this film is a B grade one. And the last song of the film is a bland lift of Hindi tune from 90's.

Dialogues: The only positive thing about this film is the good dialogue work by Marudhuri Raja. He has penned very good dialogues. Again, the inefficiency of the director comes into the picture. The director should have good comedy timing sense to make those good dialogues be pleasant to the eyes and ears of the audience. There are so many jokes in the film, which had laughter on the screen (done in rerecording). But all the audiences view those supposed-to-be humorous scenes with uttermost disgruntling seriousness.

Analysis: First half of the film is plain garbage. Second half is little interesting compared to first half. The positive points of the film are Marudhuri Raja dialogues and Surya's comedy action (though it reminds us of 'Premaku Velayara' stuff). But these positive points are not enough to inject any oxygen in to the film. Don't watch this film unless you are forced to review it.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Neeto Cheppalani Film Review
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