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Movie review - Raghava
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Jeevi Rating: 2 (Two on the scale of five)
Genre: Faction
Banner: Nikhya Films
Cast: Suresh, Rajasri, Brahmanandam, Kota Srinivasa Rao, MS Narayana, Chalapati Rao, Ranganath, Sudhakar, Ali, Mallikarjuna Rao, GV, Jeeva, Gautamraju, Suma, Ramyasri, Padmajayanthi, Pinky.
Photography: Poorna
Dialogues: V Satish
Music: Sashipreetam
Screenplay - Direction:Y Nageswara Rao
Producer: LB Reddy & Suresh

Theatrical Release Date: 1st February 2002



Raghava Reddy (Suresh) is the son of faction leader Veera Reddy (Ranganath). Veera Reddy gets paralyzed while doing a fight with his archrival Lakshma Reddy (Kota). Lakshma Reddy is put in to jail. When Lakshma Reddy is released from Jail, Veera Reddy summons his son Raghava to finish off Lakshma Reddy. But Raghava Reddy humiliates Lakshma Reddy in public and leaves him alive.

Anjali (Raja Sri), the childhood sweetheart of Raghava and the daughter of his maternal aunt, visits Raghava Reddy's place after a gap of many years. She hates the lifestyle of faction leaders and humiliates Raghava when he proposes to her.

Raghava's sister advises him that love is more powerful than factionist life. She wants Raghava to go to Hyderabad and impress Anjali with his good deeds and then win her heart.

Meanwhile, Lakshma Reddy shifts his base to Hyderabad to take revenge on Raghava. The rest of the movie deals about how Anjali and Raghava are united and how Raghava deserts factionist life.


Suresh: Suresh did not suit the role of the film. He does not have strong screen presence to enact a role of factionist. His Rayalaseema diction is poor and artificial. He tends to shift his diction from Rayalaseema to Andhra in a few scenes.

Raja sri: The heroine of the film is not impressive in the aspects of beauty and performance.

Kota: Kota gave a good performance. But the characterization is not powerful. The director seems to have confused about weather to make this character a dangerous one or comedy one.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay - Direction: Y Nageswara Rao seems to have got inspired looking at Seema Subjects and he tried to imitate the past films. But he failed to make any impact with the script. Its very lose and uninspiring.

Dialogues: Dialogues by V Satish are stale and predictable. He could not master the lingo of Rayalaseema to give the right kind of kick with the dialogues.

Music: Shashi Preetam's music lacks the punch. All the songs are just average.

Analysis: Raghava is a badly made film with uninspiring story and direction. The forced comedy in the film with the induction of Brahmanandam, MS Narayana, Mallikharjun, Ali and GV does not serve any purpose. The character of Kota is diluted a comedy one from the main villain character. This film can be avoided.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Raghava Film Review
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