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Movie review - Seshu
neethone Vuntanu
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Jeevi rating: 3 (three)
Banner: Siva Sivani Movies
Cast: Raja Sekhar, Kaveri, Jyoti Lakshmi, Ganesh, Nassar, Sriman, Mohini Patel, Mohan Vaidya
Story - Screenplay: Bala
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Photography: Hari Anumolu
Editing: Gowtam Raju
Dialogues - Direction: Jeevitha Raja Sekhar
Producer: Baby Sivani

Theatrical Release Date: 28th February 2002



Seshu (Raja Sekhar) is an aimless youth and a medico who is studying in the same medical college for years. Seshu is overtly pampered by a sister-in-law (vadina). Though Seshu brother (Nasar) loves him, he always scolds Seshu for his misadventures. Seshu is put up in a jail for five years for bashing up a minister, who later dies.

Abhitu (Kaveri) is the second daughter of a poojari in the same village. She is a innocent and studious girl. She gets a seat in medical college on merit. Seshu develops liking towards Abhitu and after a series of incidents, that liking converts into love.

Abhitu's match is fixed long back with her maternal uncle. Abhitu has an elder sister. But her husband sends her back to get forty thousand rupees as the extra dowry. This becomes an extra burden to the father of Abhitu.

When Seshu proposes his love to Abhitu, she flatly refuses. Seshu gets disoriented and searches for the means of winning the heart of Abhitu. In the meantime, Seshu rescues the sister of Abhitu from the clutches of a brothel house, which promised her a loan of 40 thousand rupees. But Seshu was not aware that the lady he rescued is the sister of Abhitu. Abhitu's maternal uncle comes to know about this and asks Abhitu to accept the love of Seshu, as he is more qualified to become her husbands.

Just the moment when Abhitu accepts the love of Seshu, the goons attack Seshu and brutally injure him. In the fight, Seshu gets mentally injured too. The doctor advice the brother of Seshu to admit Seshu in a nature cure ashram maintained by sadhus in Ahobilam.

The rest of the movie deals with what happens to Seshu and Abhitu in the scenes followed.


Raja Sekhar: This film is made for Raja Sekhar. He gave award winning performance as the mentally disabled guy in the second half. In the first half, he gave a pretty good controlled performance. This film is a real treat to all the movie lovers, who like Raja Sekhar. Even all the songs are pictured on Raja Sekhar (not even in a single song, we see the heroine performing active role).

Kaveri: Kaveri acted without make up and this dusky girl is a good-looking one. She underplayed the character of innocent looking Brahmin girl. She suited the role well and her performance is decent.

Technical Departments:

Dialogues - Direction: For the first timer, Jeevitha did a commendable job in exhibiting great shot-making abilities. But the narration of the film lacks pace and spice. Earlier, they announced that Marudhuri Raja is writing dialogues. But, in the title card, Jeevitha took credits for the dialogues. Some of the dialogues might offend the Brahmin community.

Story - Screenplay: Jeevitha told that the screenplay of the original film is so impeccable that she did not have to make any modification to the screenplay. Though, the film is good scene wise, one gets a feeling that the screenplay is not gripping enough to grab the attention of viewer to maintain it till the end of the film.

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja gave the music in Ilaya Raja format. The background score is good. The songs are also composed well. Yuvan Shankar Raja can play active role in Telugu filmdom in the future if he can add little bit of Teluguness to his tunes.

Photography: A definite asset of the film is the excellent photography by Hari Anumolu. The second song picturization and canning of mental ashram scenes are worth applause.

Songs: 'Akasam Kindundi' song is excellent. Interestingly all the songs feature only Raja Sekhar. There are no duets in the film. Two songs in the second half of the film focuses more on Raja Sekhar riding the bike. The song in the mental hospital is awesome.

Production: Raja Sekhar's family has produced the film. The movie is made without any compromises and the film is lavish.

Analysis: Seshu is a remake of Tamil hit film 'Sethu'. I have not seen the film 'Sethu'. Hence, my comments are based on seeing Seshu as a fresh film. Pace of the film Seshu is pretty slow. The first half provides some situational comedy. The entire second half of the film is very serious. The climax of the film is heart rendering. This film appears to be made to showcase the acting prowess of Raja Sekhar. The main drawback of the film is lack of entertainment value. Intellectual people might like this film. But a common man stays away from these kinds of serious cinema. It's a must watch for all the people who like Raja Sekhar. For a regular moviegoer, this film does not offer anything exciting except for Raja Sekhar's histrionics.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Seshu Film Review
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