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Movie review - Yuvarathna
Yuva Rathna
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Jeevi rating: 1.5/5
: avoidable fare
Banner: Rama Krishna Horticulture Cine Studios
Cast: Tarakaratna, Jivida, Chandramohan, Tanikella Bharani, LB Sriram, MS Narayana, Sunil, Chitram-Srinu, Qayyum, Sudha, Sana, Krishnapriya
Story - Dialogues: Satish
Camera: V Srinivasa Reddy,
Music Director: MM Keeravani, RP Patnaik,
Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Producer: Nandamuri Ramakrishna
Screenplay - Direction: Uppalapati Narayana Rao

Release date: 29th November


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Rathna (Taraka Rathna) is a blue eyed kid of a wealthy parents and naughty guy among his friends. He happens to meet Sandhya (Jivida Sharma) a girl next door. One night she happens to spend with Rathna in his house. When his friends ask Rathna what happened, he tells that he had sex with her. This lie results in Sandhya's marriage getting cancelled. Sandhya do not know who did it. Rathna repents his mistake. How he corrects this blunder forms the crux of climax.


Taraka Rathna: Rathna does not impress at all in this film. His looks/acting/dialogues/ease did not improve compared to his first film. In fact, after watching Yuvaratha, one would get a feeling that he was better in Okato Number Kurraadu. . It's very unfortunate that guys like Taraka Rathna are being promoted to cash the lineage (Vamsam) factor.

Jivida Sharma: Looks like the heroines are selected in NT Rathna films very strategically so that they would not dominate the 'looks' and 'histrionics' of the hero. Jivida is short in appearance and is just ok in looks. She looks like a kid. She needs some more time to get matured.

Sunil: Sunil is, in deed, the real hero of this film when it comes to entertainment. He got good footage in the first half and he enthralled the viewers with his witty one-liners.

Others: The girl who enacted the role of sister of hero is unpleasant looking. Chandra Mohan, Sudha, Tanikella Bharani and Sana did usual roles of parents. Vizag Prasad got a different character in this film. Chitram Seenu got a different role with negative shades in it.

Technical Departments

Story: The main point of the story is very similar to one thread of 'Nee Sneham' storyline, in which the hero is indirectly made responsible for stopping of heroine's marriage.

Screenplay - direction: Screenplay of the film is placid and dull. Direction of the film is average. Narration of is stale as it takes the beaten path. Over all, Uppalapati Narayana's attempt at youth love story boomerangs.

Dialogues: Dialogues by Satish are good when in come to comedy one-liners.

Photography: Photography by Srinivasa Reddy is good. But he did not do any homework while canning scenes with NT Rathna. Hero looks bad in few profiles and the cameraman should cover those angles. But the cameraman exposed Rathna by having close-ups in those profiles.

Music: The audio of the film is good. But these songs are not translated into good visuals on the screen. The background score is pathetic.

Lyrics: Lyrics by Chandra Bose are funny in 98480 song.

Analysis: First half of the film is OK and second half is bad. It's a below average film. But the hero of this film is a liability. And because of the hero, this below average film turns into a bad film. Love stories are not suitable for NT Rathna. He should carve a niche for himself in some other areas instead of pleasant love stories. As an added attraction, this film opens with a voice-over by Hari Krishna telling about Rama Krishna Horticulture Cine Studios. At the end, Bala Krishna's voiceover tells us the negative effects of eve teasing and how youth should behave.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Yuvarathna Film Review
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