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Straight from the Horse's Mouth - Gamyam
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What is this Straight from the Horse's Mouth? brings you a new concept called “Straight from the horse's mouth”. In this series the director of the film talks about making of the film by writing a series of ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘director’s vision’ articles. This is akin to director’s commentary on DVD. Since this can be done only by the directors who could write good English and it can be done by directors who direct decent flicks, we approached Krish who made a sensible good film in the form of Gamyam. He obliged us. We present you Gamyam series straight from Krish’s mouth!
Gamyam by Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi

Hi all,

I was very excited when Jeevi asked me to write something that could take the idlebrain readers through the journey of Gamyam, like a directors commentary on the sequences. Gamyam has been a great personal experience and a wonderful journey for all of us involved in making of the film. I hope you enjoyed watching our work and I'll like to start with sharing how the titles of the film came about.

When you see the film, you observe story board styled titles. I did that because of my compulsion, as I ran out of money to picturize that song; it happens to most filmmakers. The budgets run-over as you reaching the final schedules. But that helped me to come up with a novel idea. I won't call it inspired, but still, I saw something like that in some animation video. Then I called my assistant Sreekanth, who is an architect and a great story board artist, and worked with him on several drawings. We used some simple software to put them in sequence and played it out with a song. And we were very excited to see the result.

Then we called the graphics guys to do the entire 4 minutes of titles. It is not expensive to do such simple things. It costed me around 3 lakhs. But then an entry level guy in the graphics place came up with this idea of screenshots. So we took few screen shots and worked a little on that and mixed with the story board drawings to give a good feel.

In the drawings, you can see an arrow and a question mark, that represents the un-destined way as in the song "Entavaraku Endukoraku ". Like wise I used the birth of a baby in a man's as we are talking about "Jananaaniki marannaniki madhya chinna prayanam ee Jeevitham". And finally my title appears on a road., I then thought that "na peru roddu meeda padindi, nenu rodduna padakundaa vunte bagundu". But now I'm happy that people are seeing some effort in the titles and appreciating the idea.

My fav lines from the song on titles:

Nee darilona navvu chilakarinche mallepuvvu lenno
Tiya tiyya gaane ninnu gayapariche thena teegalenno


Yenni vela chiru veshalo kalipi manishi avataram
Kallu moosi tericheloga maripothundi nataka rangam

Check out this space next week for the next article - Mean time guys in USA can watch Gamyam as it is releasing today in Fremont, New Jersey, Dallas and Virginia


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