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22nd June 2000

Badri celebrates Triple Platinum Disk function

chakriThe unit of Badri celebrated the triple platinum disk function of Badri at a crowded Sandhya 35mm during interval time of 1st show amidst screaming Pawan fans. This function is graced with the presence of the cast and technicians of Badri.

Sunita, the only lady singer of Badri anchored the event. And the trio who stole the show was Pawan, Ramana Gogula and Prakash Raj. Upon the popular request, Ramana Gogula rendered his voice for two of his latest hit songs, 'Vayyari Bhama ...' followed by 'Ey Chikitta'. Pawan was forced by fans to utter a few dialogues from Badri for which he did gladly repeated the famous dialogue, 'Nanda .... aite enti. Nenu Badri ...Badrinath'. We should not forget the grinning Prakash Raj who responded with a clap to that dialogue.

Jayalaxmi - A new find by SV Krishna Reddy

chakriSV Krishna Reddy is going to make a film titled 'Saparivara Sakutumba Sametamga' with Akkineni and Srikanth on Sai Charan Productions soon. For that ventured he picked up a 'Telugu Ammai' from the glamour capital of India, Mumbai that is.

She is jayalaxmi, a Telugu girl who is brought up in Mumbai. VMC Reddy, Mohan Gandhi Reddy and Bali Reddy are producing this film. Incidentally Divakara Babu is not writing dialogues for this film. Satya Murthy will be penning dialogues


Krishnam Raju to produce more movies

The veteran actor and Hero of yester years Krishnam Raju has produced 15 film on his banner Gopi Krishna Films in the past. He is going produce another film in the near future. He is also planning to produce a few TV serials.

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