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24th March 2000

Another Musical Film by Muppalaneni Siva

'Maa Pelliki Randi' is making hot waves in business circles for two reasons. One of that is Muppalaneni and Anuradhara are again set to recreate the success of 'Priya O Priya'.

Chakri is doing the hero and Saakshi is doing the role of sexy damsel. SA Raj Kumar who gave a musical blockbuster, Raja for Muppalaneni Siva is composing the music. This film is getting ready for 1st week of May release. According to Muppalaneni, this film revolves around natural incidents that happen around the youth, who are in love.

'Bagunnaraa?': Naveen asks Priya Gill

Dubbing of the film 'Bagunnaraa?' is over. This film is directed by a debutante Frakruddin and has Naveen and Priya Gill playing the main leads. Audio of the film is expected to be released on 25th March. Re-recording of the film will start on 26th March.

Deva has provided foot tapping music for this film. This film is expected to hit theaters in April 2000

Yuvaraju to be released on 12th April

The much awaited crazy film 'Yuvaraju' is finally getting released on 12th April 2000.

According to Burugapally Sivarama Krishna, Yuvaraju is having a college backdrop. Dubbing and re-recording is going on now. Youth will have a nice time watching this film.

Umesh Gupta, Supremo of Aditya Music, informed that Ramana Gogula has given 8 scintillating tunes for this film. Audio of Yuvaraju is slated for 27th March 2000.

LB Sriram bags 20 more roles

LB Sriram, who made viewers roll on their stomachs with uncontrollable laugh with his brilliant performance in Chala Bagundi is having tough timing saying no to the greedy producers who are bent of cashing the new image of LB Sriram.

He is donning another good role in Balaji Arts film which is directed by Muthyala Subbaiah. This film stars Raja Sekhar, Laya and Asha Saini. The producers of this film produced Samudram earlier with Krishna Vamsi.

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