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3rd April 2000

'Ninne Premista' Audio Recording trigged off

Just check out the man with grayed hair and white mustache, Mr. Shinde in the photograph. He is the latest debutante director in reckoning. And he holds the spirit of never-say-no very high. 26 years after coming to the field he got a chance to direct in Y2K.

'Ninne Premista', the film to be directed by him took of it's audio recording on 30th of March. This film is a hit Tamil film remake. SA Raj Kumar is providing the music. Incidentally this is the 18th Supergood film SA Raj Kumar has worked for.

This films shooting Muhurat is slated for Ugadi on which Supergood's 'Nuvvu Vastavani is getting released. Regular shooting is expected to be commenced from 7th April onwards. The sheer presence of Music baron Umesh Gupta spelled the untold secret that the audio rights are bagged by Aditya Music.

GV is an acquitted man now

All those folks who watched 'Antahpuram' must not have missed the piercing eyes and strikingly impressive active by GV. He got rave reviews after 'Anthahpuram' is released. But in no time he has become villain and a popcorn topic when he was arrested by city police on the charges of making blue films and acting in them with the neo-rich women in Hyderabad. Those news made rounds in all the magazines.

He was recently acquitted as he proved to be innocent. And this poor chap is forced to held a press meet at Prasant Kuteer to announce that he is come out clean. These magazine that have written stories about his philandering seems to be sleeping when he was acquitted

GV says that he had some differences with his wife who in turn complained to police, who have cornered him on a baseless charge. He is back and having a happy home with his wife now. He is planning to produce soap operas and films in the future.

Upendra New film titles as 'Neetone Untanu'

After the unexpected success of the film 'Upendra', the actor Upendra has become a hot thing in Telugu Film Industry. This creative freak who is known for his whacky thoughts and maverick shots has agreed to act in the directed of a relatively unknown director called Prabhakar.

That film is likely to be titled as 'Neetone Untanu'. The leading lady of 'Neetone Vuntanu' is Rachana. We have to wait and see who is willing to stay with the other one(Neetone Vuntanu) ... Upendra or Rachana? This film is produced by Purushottam of Laxmi Arts and is expected to hit theaters in the last week of May.

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