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20 September - 8 am
Stalin 1st ticket sold at $ 1116 in Fremont
Stalin first ticket was sold to Jayaram Komati for a huge price of $1116.00.(approx Rs.50,000.00) at Park Theater, Fremont. Jayaram expressed his wishes for grand success of the movie. There is a huge demand for Stalin advance tickets and they are selling like hot cakes.

20 September - 7:45 am
Stalin fever is on
Stalin film is exhibited in most of the areas in Andhra and Ceded by now. The first show was exhibited at 9 pm in Gudiwada followed by 10:10 pm in Kadapa. The Guntur show started at 12 midnight. The film is carrying positive reports as per the reports that are pouring. Watch out for Jeevi’s review which is expected around 3 pm IST.

19 September - 10 pm
Kadapa hungama live on Citi cable
The fans of Chiranjeevi took the publicity material of Stalin to Devuni Kadapa temple and performed poojas. They had a procession while coming back to the city. The who hungama is being live telecasted on local citi cable.

19 September - 8:45 pm
Stalin Special Fans Shows Info
Chiranjeevi fans are riding high even before STALIN movie release, as they have got approvals and permissions for fans show from authorities (Joint Collectors and Mandal revenue Officers) and more importantly they are getting the prints one day ahead of its original release. Preview shows and mid night shows were scheduled in all-major centres. Below is the list of few famous centres where mid night shows is planned.

Guntur (9:30 PM) – Krishna Mahal
Gudiwada (9 PM) – Sarath, Gangamahal and Bhaskar theatres
Cuddapah (9:30 PM) - Ramesh, Ravi, Pratap, Sudha theatres
Kurnool (10.30PM) – Raj, Venky, Ashok, Apsara, Aswani
Thirupathi (10PM) – Pratap, VV Mahal, Jayasyam, and complex theatres

19 September - 8:45 pm
Gudiwada becomes Megawada
Fans from adjacent districts are thronging to Gudiwada for Stalin movie special shows. Many people from Rajamundry, Kakinada, Eluru, Tanuku, Palakollu, Vijayawada, Bandar, Guntur, and Tenali are going to Gudiwada and ticket price is no less than 100 Rupees and thousands of fans waiting outside the theatre with out tickets.

19 September - 8:45 pm
Prints despatched
Prints to all areas were dispatched except for the Hyderabad City. These can be delivered any time after the midnight. It is a hectic and tedious task for the lab technicians to process 350 + prints in just 48 hours. The Prints were processed at Ramanaidu and Rainbow Laboratories. Producer K. Nagababu and Co producers have taken all measurements to distribute the prints on time with out any hiccups. In General single lab can process maximum of 70 to 80 prints in a given day, but due to the massive release, the negative was cut into two halves and send them to Rainbow Labs (Ramoji Film City) and Ramanaidu Labs. The final prints have to be checked again errors in the processing by screening bits and pieces in the preview theatre and for any scratches, DTS disk problems etc. After the satisfactory checks, prints will be despatched to the Distributors.

19 September - 7:22 pm
Preview show for Chiranjeevi’s family
A preview show is being arranged for the family members and close associates of Chiranjeevi at Prasad Labs in Hyderabad on the night of 19th September. The show is going to start in 10 minutes.

19 September
Chiranjeevi is in UK on a holiday
After working for two months continuously for Stalin film Chiranjeevi is taking much deserved holiday break. He is currently in UK along with his son Ram Charan Teja. Chiranjeevi is expected to be in UK for 10 days. He arrived in UK a couple of days back.

19 September
6500 USA tickets sold online in 48 hours
The advance bookings registered extraordinary response for STALIN in USA. So far, an all time high of 6500 online tickets were sold in a little over 48 hours. The movie is due to make its way to the screens worldwide in less than 48 hours. All the overseas prints have already left for their destinations for on time shows starting Wednesday. After seeing stupendous craze, US distributor KAD has order 2 more prints in the last minute.

19 September
£1500 cutout publicity in UK
Stalin is creating sensation before its release in UK. This movie is releasing with 2 prints in UK and one print each will be sent to East London (Himalaya palace Southall) and West London (Boleyn Cinema East ham). First time in the history of Telugu cinema in UK a total of 8 shows planned in the first week and two shows planned in week day i.e. Wednesday (20th Aug).

Prints have arrived at 10AM and were sent for British Censoring. Two Huge cut outs of Chiranjeevi of size 20 X 10 feet were shipped from India. Distributor had to get special permission from civilian authorities to host the cut outs in the theatre and It is costing more than £1500 for 7 days for advertising at the theatre. As per the theatre owner, no Hindi movie had a cut of this magnitude; even in a foreign soil Megastar is creating unique records before the movie hits the silver screen.

19 September
36 prints record release in Vizag territory
Stalin is getting ready for a gigantic and never before release in Utharandhra area. This area comprises of Srikakulam, Vijayanagaram and Vizag districts. Basically mass movies and sentiment movies will fare better than class movies in this area. Stalin is getting released with 36 prints in this area in more than 55 theatres. This is the highest prints record in UA and earlier highest prints record also held by Megastar’s ShankarDada MBBS with 32 prints. 10 theatres are identified as venues for the Mega Hungamma in Vizag and suburban areas. In the City it self, movie is coming in Bigger screens and theatres are

1. Jagadamba – Main Theatre
2. Sri Kanya
3. Gokul
4. Kinnera – Side theatre

Apart from the above 4 theatres, it is also releasing in Gajuwaka (2 theatres), kancharapalem, 104 area, GopalaPatnam and Pendurthi.

With the increased number of prints, theatres, release centres and ticket prices, the first week share of Stalin is expected to be in the range of 1.1 to 1.35 crores. Earlier highest was Jai Chiranjeeva! Which was close to 85 lakhs in UA Area.

19 September
Stalin in Nellore
Nellore is like a hometown for Chiranjeevi as he along with his family lived in Nellore for some time and he had fond memories with the town. The affection and warmth welcome that Chiranjeevi gets from Nellore crowd is worth mentioning, whenever Chiranjeevi visits Nellore town.

Stalin is creating records in Nellore town with highest number of prints, theatres and with business. A total of 17 prints were ordered for this region and 2 prints were allocated to Nellore town it self. As of now 4 theatres were identified as regular theatres in the town (Kaveri, Archana, Madhav and Padmavathi) along with many one-day theatres.

Stalin rights for Nellore area is little more than one crore rupees and business was closed for first batch centres and the distributor made his money, he is going to mint profits with second batch release and outright business. Small centres like Vinjamuru (3 lakhs share Guarantee), Podalakuru (2.7 lakhs hire), Kota (3.24 lakhs hire) gearing up for the Mega release

Below is the list of Stalin release centres in this area.

1. Nellore
2. Kavali
3. Gudur
4. Sullurpeta
5. Nayudupeta
6. Kota
7. Venkatagiri
8. Atmakuru
9. Vinjamuru
10. Podalakuru
11. Kandukuru
12. Buchireddy Palem
13. Kanigiri
14. Podili
15. Pamuru
16. Singarayakonda
17. Darsi

19 September
Stalin to stom Indian Metros

Stalin in Chennai
The most anticipated and awaiting movie of the Telugu film industry ‘Stalin’ is getting released in 3 theatres of Chennai. The main theatre is going to be Casino and the other two theatres are Satyam, and Mayajaal. Tickets are sold out till this weekend in Satyam theatre and the theatre management decided to add few special shows to accommodate the huge crowd. Mayajaal complex located in Old Mamallapuram road is also getting housefuls. Probably this is the first Telugu movie in recent years to have a 3-theatre release.

Stalin in Bangalore
Bangalore is another Major City, where Megastar enjoys celebrity status outside the Andhra territory and very popular among the cosmopolitan crowd in Bangalore. For years Chiranjeevi’s Telugu movies has bigger market share among the movies that screen in Karnataka. Stalin is no exception in this regard and 14 theatres are ready to screen STALIN in Bangalore. Majestic theatre is the main theatre and 5 shows arre planned for the initial week to accommodate crowd.

Below is the list of the theatres in Bangalore City

1. Majestic (5 Shows)
2. Naga
3. Lakshmi
4. Venkateswara
5. Chandodaya
6. Tirumala
7. Mukunda
8. Thulasi
9. Vijayalakshmi
10. Sidda Lingeswara
11. Anjani
12. Murali
13. Radhakrishna
14. PVR Multiplex

Apart from the above 14 theatres in Bangalore, another 15 theatres arre added for the rest of Karnataka State. The print numbers in Karnataka is 25. First week share is expected to be around 80 lakhs in Karnataka State. It is reliably learnt from sources that a whopping amount of 1.6 crores was paid for the Karnataka area distribution rights of Stalin, which is highest for any Telugu movie in Karnataka region.

Stalin in Pune and Mumbai
Pune is considered to be a relatively small centre for Telugu films and very few andhrites are settled in Pune and suburbs. Most of the people who are living in Pune are the elite class and white collared Software professionals. Stalin is all set to release in Inox cinema and E Square Multiplex theatres. It is very good news for andhrites and Telugu movie lovers working in Pune area.

Stalin is also getting for a grand release in Matunga Aurora theatre in Mumbai and PVR multiplex.

19 September
9pm show in Guntur tonight
The Guntur Chiranjeevi fans got lucky today. They have the opportunity to watch Stalin a day before. The first show of Guntur territory will be screened at 9 pm on 19th of September in Krishna Mahal. This benefit show is priced as Rs. 500, Rs. 200, Rs. 100 and Rs. 50. The revenue from this show is going to be 1.5 lakhs. This benefit show is organized after getting permission from the joint collector. The ticket price is hiked from Rs. 40/- to Rs. 70/- from tomorrow onwards for Stalin film in Guntur.

18 September
Megastar @ Mega IMAX screen
Prasads is undoubtedly Hyderabad’s most popular movie entertainment zone and best place to hangout for movie lovers. Prasads Imax theatre is one of the best attractions for tourists. Stalin is getting ready for gigantic release at Prasadz on the morning of 20th Aug 2006.

Stalin Release at IMAX Screen:
Stalin is the first Telugu movie that is releasing at IMAX theatre. Initially 4 shows each were planned on Wednesday (20th August) and Thursday (21st August) and the advance booking for those were started today (18th August) at 9PM. Sale of tickets was going at brisk pace and the surroundings of the NTR Gardens was fully crowded with movie lovers.

Ticket price for the IMAX seating is 150 Rs. The show timings at IMAX theatre were given below for the benefit of Idlebrain viewers. Already IMAX tickets for 8 shows were sold out with in few hours of the advance booking opens.

10.15AM, 1.30PM, 4.45PM and 10.45PM

Previously there couple of Telugu movies were screened at IMAX, one is Akkineni Nagarjuna’s devotional epic Sri Ramadasu (screened a special show after 2 weeks of release) and the other one is Godavari movie preview show.

Stalin at Prasads Multiplex theatres
Stalin is also getting released in Prasads multiplex theatres. The benefit shows on the release day (20th Aug) were planned at 8.45AM in 4 of 5 available screens. The ticket price at Multiplex theatres was 100 Rs each. There was a huge crowd at the theatres for the advance booking of the tickets. Regular show timings were given below.

11.45AM, 1.45PM, 4.45PM, 7.45PM (2 screens) 10.45PM.

Each day gross collection of STALIN at Prasads IMAX is 635*150*4=381000 and multiplex collection is 10*392*100=392000. Total first day gross at Prasads is 773000 Rupees

Link of Prasads theatre

18 September
Stalin Mega Release in Guntur Area
Megastar Magnum opus Stalin is ready for a grand release with 17 prints in 16 centres (33 theatres) in Guntur area through Shakthi pictures. Alankar Prasad and his friends bought the Krishna and Guntur districts rights for a highest amount for these two areas. The business is closed for all 16 regular A, B and C centres in Guntur area and exhibitors are said to paid highest amount as Share Guarantees and advances. For the first time in history of Guntur area, the distributors has got a table profit for a movie before it hits the silver screen.

Guntur town has always been a strong forte for Megastar and Stalin is no exception, 5 theatres were roped for Stalin and all theatres are prestigious theatres in City. The theatres are

1. Krishna Mahal A/C
2. Krishna Picture Palace A/C
3. Liberty
4. Bollywood A/C
5. Hollywood A/C

Distributor is said to have got advances and share guarantees of close to 50 lakhs in Guntur town alone. Incidentally Chiranjeevi highest revenue movie Indra has got 50 lakhs share in Guntur town.

Palnadu, a small area in Guntur is known for factions and radicals in Guntur area, is getting ready for a 4 prints release. Exhibitors from a small village Dachepalli paid a whopping amount of 3 lakhs for Stalin. A total of 37 lakhs is paid for the Narasarao Peta (Saradamba), Piduguralla (Aswani), Dachepalli (Ramakrishna) and Macherla centres.

A highest amount of 24 lakhs is paid as an advance for STALIN movie in Ongole and will be screened at Gorantla complex (Srinivasa, Sridevi and Padmavathi theatre complex). In Tenali another big centre in Guntur area, 18 lakhs is paid as Share Guarantee and is releasing in Priya theatre complex.

Relatively small centres like Sathenapalli (9 lakhs MG –Lakshmi Talkies), Ponnuru (10 lakhs out right – Srinivasa Theatre), ChilakaluriPeta (14.5 lakhs MG, Viswanadha theatre), Cheerala, Mangalagiri, Vinukonda, Repalle, Addanki, and Tangutur got huge share guarantees, making Stalin movie a highly anticipated movie of the Decade. The first week's expected price is anywhere between 80 lakhs and 90 lakhs. Stalin movie hit range only decides whether the exhibitors are in safe zone or not?

15 September
Stalin Sensational Release in Godavari Districts
Megastar Chiranjeevi has a very strong hold in the Godavari districts, irrespective of the talk and fate of the movie, collections and shares of Chiranjeevi movies were at peak in these areas. Megastar has a unique and unbeatable record in Kakinada of East Godavari as 16 continuous films starting from Hitler to Jai Chiranjeeva! Ran for hundred days irrespective of the box office fate.

East Godavari Details
East Godavari district Minister Jakkampudi Rammohanarao’s close associates and friends bought the distribution rights of the Megastar prestigious product Stalin for East godavari and will be released through Geetha film distribution owned by Allu Aravind. It is believed that a whopping 1.83 crores was paid for the rights in East Godavari district.

Stalin is getting released with 16 prints in East Godavari. It is releasing in 5 theatres in Kakinada, 4 theatres in Rajamundry, two theatres each in Amalapuram, Mandapeta and Ravulapalem The trade pundits are estimating a share of 80 to 90 lakhs in the first week in East Godavari territory if the film catches up with the crowds.

West Godavari Details
Stalin movie is getting released through Geetha film distribution in West Godavari and will have 12 prints release. Stalin will open its screening in Eluru in Seven theatres, though they identified 3 theatres as regular theatres. The three main theatres are Ambica Mini, Ambica Deluxe and Satyanarayana. In other places like Bheemavaram, Palakollu, Tanuku (Narendra and Lakshmi theatres), Tadepalli Gudem, stalin movie is releasing with 2 theatres each. According to buzz Stalin may collect 70 lakhs of share in first week with 12 prints in West Godavari.

Restrictions on number of Prints in Godari Districts
Though the movie is getting for a record number of prints world wide, Release centres and prints numbers is very less when compared to other areas as there was a restriction in these districts. After Anji Release in 2004 January, the Godavari distributors association imposed a condition on the prints to be released in Godari districts to avoid unhealthy competition among the distributors in these areas. According to that a maximum of 12 prints is allowed for West Godavari and maximum of 16 prints allowed for East Godavari.

13 September
Vijayawada release record
Once upon a time when a Chiranjeevi film was released, movie lovers used to find it extremely difficult to procure tickets on the first day. But not any more. Stalin film is going to release with 400 prints. Lets see the situation in Vijayawada town.

Stalin is creating records even before it’s release. For the first time in the history of Vijayawada city, Stalin is releasing in 6 main a/c theaters. Earlier highest was 4 main theaters which was also by a Chiranjeevi film. These six main theaters are Apsara, Raj, Navarang, Jayaram, Priya Darshini and Jaihind. Stalin is expected to release with 18-20 prints for Krishna territory. The first week theater count for Stalin is expected to be more than 12. There will be 12 more theaters that would play Stalin for one day in Vijayawada and suburbs. The trade pundits are estimating a share of 1.25 crores to 1.3 crores in the first two weeks in Krishna territory if the film catches up with the crowds. Chiranjeevi’s last film Jai Chiranjeevi collected a share of 61 lakhs in 1st week. (Click here for Vijayawada top 10 films as per 1st week share)

12 September
Stalin censor on 16 September
Chiranjeevi’s latest film Stalin is all set to release on 20th of this month all over the world. Stalin film will go for censoring on 16th September, as per the reports available today. Since Stalin is going to be released with 400 prints, it is difficult for any individual film lab to process and print so many copies in such a short span of time. Hence the producer is using all the prominent labs available in Hyderabad to make sure that prints are in place for distributors to carry a day before the release of the film.

12 September
Fire measures might affect ticket hikes
The Government issued two different GOs (Government Order) last year. One GO gives the exhibitor to hike the price of ticket for the first two weeks of the film release. The second GO asks the exhibitors to guarantee that fire prevention measures are in compliance with the standard. But most of the theaters in AP does not meet the standards as these fire prevention specifications were not available when these theaters were built. The exhibitor should get a document signed by joint collector in order to hike ticket prices for each of the film. The sources of say that the joint collectors are insisting on fire prevention measures in order to sign on these ticket hike permission documents. Stalin film is releasing on 20th of this month. And some of the exhibitors are worried about getting permission from joint collector smoothly.

11 September
Lawrence composes Stalin song
Chiranjeevi's Stalin all set to release on 20th of September amidst huge hype and expectations. Choreographer turned Director Raghava Lawrence is composed some nice steps for the Tauba Tauba song in Stalin. Picturization of the song is going on between Megastar Chiranjeevi and Trisha. With this song, the shooting part is over. After a long gap Khushboo is doing the role of sister and Vurwasi Sarada is doing the mother character of Stalin in this film. Currently the team of Stalin works on shifts to complete the post production work for a smooth release of the movie on 20th September. Dubbing work is being done at Sabdalaya Studio in Hyderabad; Rerecording is done at Mahathi Studio in Chennai.

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