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October 21, 2008

hari yelleti

Teja is looking for a comeback with his latest film Keka which is due for the release worldwide on 23 October. He chatted with the visitors of on 21 October 2008 night at 9:00 PM IST. The entire room was full. We are presenting you with the transcript -

  teja-director joined.
teja-director hello guys
phaneendra sir how is keka
teja-director phani - you tell me after watching it
KTK_007 teja....wat makes u think that...u r sooo superior that u can beat ur co-artistes and tehcnicains?
teja-director who said i am beating artists - did you see it - dont go by rumors
teja-director if the rumor is a truth - i will not be sitting here and i will not be chatting with you
teja-director if i am really arrogant why shoudl i be chatting with you now
KTK_007 Lol teja...if u r inferioe...isnt it bad to beat ur artistes/technciains?
Veeren Sir why don't set you set a new trend in politics in movies ?
teja-director i hate politician veeren
phaneendra sir I think ur hand is not nice na......
teja-director yes - my hand is fractured - somebody else is typing for me
mekanaren what would you expect jeevi will rate your movie tommorow
teja-director whatever jeevi rates it - its fine withme
teja-director jeevi never shied away from criticizing my movies and i welcome it
sony644 teja sir naku mi movie lo act cheyalani undi
teja-director sony - ippude nenu artists kodatanani discussion jarigindi kada- inka cheyyalanunda?
KTK_007 Teja...i Heard Keka is going to be your last telugu movie directed by you and that u want ot go to bolllywood
teja-director Keka might be my last telgu film Ktk
KTK_007 Y did u deicded to leave tollywood teja?
sai9088 Sir meeru Rp Patnaik music endhuku teesukovadam ledhu?
teja-director Rp patnaik tho same routine aipotundi - meeku kothadanam kosam ee sari chakri ni try chesa
vamsivijapurapu Rp ni enduku thokkuthunaaru?
teja-director vamsi - evaru industry lo evarini tokkaleru - everybody shine on their own merits - naa cinema flops ki karanam nene
rsmanohar Teja in recent interview u said u reached certain level of maturity can we see that in Keka movie
teja-director rsmanohar - yes it will be different sort of movie from my side
Keshav Teja garu ...if your daughter falls in love with a boy in her 10 th class or intermedite ..will you accept there love ...
teja-director kesav - i will face it when it comes
sai9088 Sir enthaku Keka hero peru emitii ??
teja-director keka hero name is raja
Pavan_USA I am a Big Fan of Seetha Rama Sastry Gaaru..good to see his son as hero. Did seethan rama sastry gaaru pen any lyrics in Keka
teja-director pavan - 2 songs sirivennela penned
kirankumarkkpec are u really confident on Keka.. that it ll be a definite hit... i seriously oppose becoz u failed to prove in all ur previous films except nuvvu nenu n jayam mimmalni criticize cheyyatledu... nenu kuda mee fan ni.. mee nunchi entho expect chesthunnanu.. kani meeru intha varaku hit ivvaleka poyar
teja-director kirankumar - sorry for disappointing u with my previous films - ee sari ala ceyyakudadane keka teesanu
vamsivijapurapu Teja...comedy ela untundhi movie lo?
teja-director vamsi - keka choodandi - tarvatha malli matladadam
vamsivijapurapu evaru main comedians movie lo?
teja-director vamsi - andaru kothavalle
devanaboyinas asalu naaku telisi meeru hard work chesindi naaku chitram ,family circus n nuvvu nenu lo kanapadindi kaani after that vachina movies lo mee hard work assalu ledhu
teja-director devanaboyinmna - meeku ala anipiste naalo edo lopam vundi - correct chesukuntanu
hkraju In keka Photography is the hero i hope
teja-director hkraju - cinematography is the hero of keka
sharath hi..sir !!! which of your movies u think is the best?
teja-director sharat - chitram is my best film
chandu77 Maa Tv Lo Keka Gurinchi Actors Ni Tisukunnta Ani Programme Chesaru Kada Adi Emayindi
teja-director chandu - maa tv lo valle chala mandi act chesaru
Rajsheel Hello Teja Sir, What are your expectations on Keka
teja-director rajsheel - watch it on day and give me feedback
hkraju Teja gaaru Keka Bangalore lo direct release avtonda?
teja-director raju - bangalore lo release ledu
sharath which is your favourite song in keka?
teja-director chitti chilakavo is my fav song
KTK_007 Tejaaa..... y dont u direct wid big heroes? is it bcos of ego problems?
teja-director ktk - i dont know how to direct big heroes
pokiri keka lo villany ela untundi...mee movies lo villain ki manchi roles untay kadaa
teja-director cinema choosi discuss cheddam pokiri
anisrimoviesusa Keka Nj lo koda release ledu
teja-director prints have just left to Usa - i sent 8 prints
teja-director it will release in all major USA centers anisri - wait for tomorrow
hethain why did u make chakri sing song.. he shd have just given music not singing
teja-director hithein - vere vallatho padiddamanukunnamu - naaku teleekunda chakri padesadu
ramg keka lo kooda hero cycle thokuthaada?
teja-director ramg no cycle in Keka
vtech07 teja sir, you are the pioneer of creative cinema, i loved your movies, but not the recent ones though
teja-director vtech - even i dont like my recent films
KTK_007 Teja...did u fall i nlove b4?
teja-director ktk - yes
aakishore Hello Mr. Teja.. I like you personally as u r very bold person...all you recent movies have the same story line but you try to present it in a different way. May be that is the reason for thier failure. I hope you are coming with a new story in Keka... Good luck
teja-director aakishore - yes i am trying new screenplay and story with keka
devanaboyinas why dont u make films like varms introducing new faces ............
teja-director devaboyina - varma is varma - i cna never be Rgv
KTK_007 is ur direction goign to be in d simialr lines of Rgv?
teja-director ktk - all my hindi scripts are hits - i worked for 30 films as cinematographer - i got bigger circle there - they are asking me to come to bombay
Rajsheel You gave life to Uday Kiran, Nitin, Navadeep, Gopichand, Reema sen, Sunil, suman shetty and many others, do they remember that , are they thankful to you ...or they forgot you.
teja-director rajsheel - most of them forget me
aakishore I think you are kidding about leaving tollywodd dont do that you are a fighter dont leave tollywood need directors like you to come out of a shell
teja-director kishore - yes i am a figher - thats why i want to leave after delivering a hit in Telugu with Keka
telugu_teyjam with so much insight on cinematography.. its pretty much clear that you have went for for Mr. Pc Sreeram.. one of the best in the business
teja-director telugu ejam - yes Pc is the best in india
KTK_007 Teja...y sdont u try for Hollywood...?
teja-director ktk - it will be a indo-british coproduction with british actors
Rajsheel What are your comments on Chiru's Prp - Media Question. but please do answer
teja-director rajsheel - i dont have idea about politics - dont drag me into this
phaneendra somebody saying krishna vamshi n u will join together to make a film is this true....??
teja-director phani - krishna vamsi will be directing chitram movies production no.6
sushu84 Teja Do You Think You Can Ever Attempt To Make A Movie Such As Confessions Of Filmmaker?
teja-director sushu - i am not that smart
sulabs teja garu u introduce only new actors why dont u introduce new directors..?
teja--director sulabs kothavalu ayitha baga chastharu
telugu_teyjam apart from from exotic visuals...meeru maaku emi choopistunnaru.. what' new in this movie... do we have to expect a run of the mill stuff... mee gata cinemas laaga.....(mee paata cinemas ni grinder lo vesi... water vesi.... paatalu petti... kotta pachchadi laaga maaku present chestaara?)
teja-director telugu tejam - Keka wil not be a run of the mill - i am trying new presentation - i might fail and succeed - it will be depending on ur reaction
sai9088 Teja sir Keka loo second hero evvaruu ?
teja-director second hero paru ippude reveal cheyyadam ledu
Gopal Hi Teja, I have seen a Person who exactly looks like you (in New Jersey)!!! Initially ithought it was you, but later he told me that he is not Teja :-)))
teja-director gopal - no
nikil_chowdary teja garu any idea to do film with Jr Ntr?
teja--director nikil peda heros tho chayanu
chandu77 Violence Lekunda Tiyandi
teja-director chandu - no voilence in keka
rangoon_raja hi teja how much sirivennela invested in this project for introducing his son
teja-director rangoon raja - nobody invested anything - i mortogaged my house for 5 crores
ramg sir meeru lorry cleaner ga pani chesaranta nijame na? tell truth(nijam)
teja-director ramg - avunu - rojuki rendu roopayala kooli
awsaws Keka Flop
teja-director awaswa - neekokkadike nijam telisindi :-) just kidding
f2002555 how long have you been associated with film industry
teja-director f200 - since 1997
f2002555 whos your favourite actor among the ones you projected as heroes :)
teja-director among the films i worked, my fav hero is mahesh babu
sushu84 If You Were Given A Chance To Change Something About Telugu Industry....what Would It Be?
teja-director sushu - i would like to change the masala films
f2002555 You are a straight forward man..haven't you faced troubles with that in film industry
teja-director f2002 - yes i faced a lot of problems - recently i paid 1.35 crores as penalty
hethain what went wrong ? why u had to pay 1-35 crores??
teja-director hethain - because of my straight forwardness
vamsivijapurapu Teja Gaaru Shakeela Enduku Prathi Movie Lo Untundhi?
teja-director for fans like you vamsy :-) just kidding
sony644 teja sir chiranjeevi mida mi abhiprayam
teja-director chiranjeevi kastapadi paiki vachinavadu - i am not big enough to give an opinion about him
sun teja -- u said u'll change masala movies, how do you plan to change them??
teja-director sun - thats why i am trying out new films with new directors
sushu84 Who Are You Favorite Directors In Telugu?
teja-director sushu - steven speilberg in english
seven ur fav books?????????????????????????????????
teja-director my fav authors - david baldacci, dan brown
pokiri Teja mee age entha ?
teja-director pokiri - you guess my age
pokiri teja i think around 40..since u worked for simhasanam movie...but u seems younger than that
teja-director pokiri - 40 is too less
kamaven i just reed Teja has worked as photograhy asst for Simhasanam,is it real?
teja-director yes - worked for simhasanam - not only that i also worked for devalayam, vandemataram and neti bharatam
teja-director that is why i have gratitude to t krishna - i repayed it with making Gopichand a star
sushu84 Do You Think You Can Direct Chetan Bhagat's Novel "ONE Night At Call Center" Better Than Its Hindi Version?
teja-director sushu - i have not read one night at call center
ramg quitting industry means...accepting failure?
teja-director ram - cheyyaka em chestam
Narayana_Rao Teja 'keka' movie Dvd rights ammesaara ?
teja-director narayana - Dvd rights are with me
rudraksha Sirrrrrrrrrr meee Mail id plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
teja-director i get lot of hate mails from usa - thats why i cant reveal my mail id
devanaboyinas keka ni industry lo evarina chusaraa
teja-director nobody saw keka in industry
kamaven can you make any movies about Nri who are stugging to live far away from family..
teja-director kamaven - i hve dont have experience regarding Nris - i have to see it, believe it, write it and then make a movie
Ravi-WashingtonDC Teja garu what is the budget of Keka
teja-director budget of keka is 5.76 crores
Narayana_Rao before looking into chat...i was thinking you are a arrogant person...but this answers makes me to think u r pretty cool person ? are yopu really a high temper guy ?
teja-director i am high tempered about my work, not when i interact with ppl
sony644 oka chance ivandi sir
teja-director sony - ee chat room lo enni sarlu adugutav - this is not the way - send ur pix to chitram movies office
Ash Hello Teja garu, I like the way you make movies, but why always love movies? Any change here in Keka? or any different movies in future?
teja-director ash - may be i dont much knowledge abt other aspects other than love
ramg hello sir... u thought of showing reality... how yeleti is showing it
teja-director ramg - teja is nothing in front of yeleti
hethain why dont u come to Usa teja
teja-director hethein - i am trying to - but nobody giving me a Usa visa Teja garu u understood the youth trends well while doing chitram and 'nuvvu-nenu'..mari 'keka' kosam meeru ippati youth trends tho update ayyaraaa?
teja-director bharat - update ayyanane anukuntunna
teja-director love you love you song cinemalo vundadu
BKNReddy Please do a movied with Ramcharan Tej
teja-director bkn reddy - antha pedda stars naa lanti chinna directors ki dates istara - asale nenu kodatanani rumor
kamaven can you make any movies about Nri who are stugging to live far away from family..
teja-director kamaven - i am not good for nri life stories
kinas teja follow this question carefully . telugu producers are crying a lot about piracy but how about the songs and scenes that they shamelessly copy from hollywood
teja-director kinas - u r absolutely right - i support u
hethain teja .. there is a uncle here who watches ur Jayam everyday
teja-director hethain - pls thank him on behalf of me
sun kaani cinemalu teesetappudu kodatara? :-)
teja-director sun - cinema baga ravadam kosam emaina chestanu
sony644 mimalni kavalani indusry lo avoid chestunaru ani talk
teja-director sony - suryodayanni , talent ni prapancham lo aapaleru
KTK_007 surprised...ur mnovies r not rmeade in tamil or malaylam?
teja-director all my movies are remade in tamil & malayalam Teja garu oka vishayam 'youth aa cinnemaloni chracters tho vallani co-relate chesukuntaaru..that's why movies like Happy Days were big hits since people imagined themselves in the characters..... so can I assume we get the same feeling while watching 'keka'?
teja-director bharat - i hope so
teja-director keka is not happy days
teja-director keka will give u different experience - if you wnat happy days experience - watch it again
ravino12 hi teja.. who is ur favorite actor?
teja-director nata ratna Ntr is my fav actor
teja-director Mgr also my fav
hethain meeru teesina films lo meeku nachina scene enti?
teja-director nachina scene - Nuvvu Nenu - 0.22% interest rate ani dharmavaram telephone number cheppadam
Durgasurya Why dont u try with Mahesh Babu again
teja-director durga surya - i will never direct mahesh babu
Sharath 'movies can inspire people'.. what is your view on this? I know your movies target teenage minds, which can spoil them.
teja-director sharat - my intention is to entertain - not to spoil
teja-director if my movies spoiled anybody i am sorry
ntr2727 teja gaaru meee profile okati orkut lo undhi adhi nijamga mee profile ah
teja-director that profile is not mine - it was a fake entity
hethain hey teja did u really write the dialoug for allah - truth???\
teja-director yes hethain - allah truth nene rasanu
ramg okka saari ina namaz chesaara?>
teja-director ramg - nenu namaz cheyyaledu - but i keenly observed it when i stayed in a madrassa one night
hethain Did U Really Direct Dhairam Movie?? or any of u r assistan did?
teja-director hithein - i tried diretcing dhairyam - but they did not let me
Ravi-WashingtonDC Teja that was a strong statement about Mahesh, I will not direct him again, I will send you all the press clipping you released after Nijam, how much money you made in first 2 weeks, and how much you liked Mahesh and you wanted to do a movie again with him etc. what happend that you changed your min
teja-director ravi - mahesh has become a very big star - i will work with mahesh (actor) but not mahesh (star)(
kamaven teja...person like Direcotor Raghavendra rao mad emore 100 movies but he so quite and never bahave arogant with press and fans...not like you..
teja-director kamaven - Krr is really great
Ash With Which Hero do you want to do your dream project?
teja-director ash - my dream project is with aamir khan
hethain what about Oka V Chitram
teja-director hithen - oka vichitram is a %%%% movie
ntr2727 Teja Garu Jr Ntr Meedha Mee Opinion
teja-director ntr27 - he is a good actor So Teja garu Aamir Khan gari Blog chustuntaraa?
teja-director bharat - naaku antha time ledu
jeripotula atlanti cinemalu teesi janala meediki vadili...ippudu adhi waste cinema ante enthavaraku nyayam
teja-director jeripotula - nannu kshaminchandi -
Sharath Why still somebody need a film industry background/godfather in the industry to get into industry? I know you tried to change it but it is still there. Share your view sir.
teja-director sharat - u understood my feelings - will change the trend with all ur support
teja-director the main reason why i want to leave telugu as i want to introduce new directors in telugu while continuing my work of stopping descendent trend - i wil work with and produce films with 10 new directors
jjjjjj teja garu there is a news that you will be producing a movie soon in which krishna vamsi is director? is that true
teja-director jjj - yes
seven have any idea of writing a blog???
teja-director seven - i will start a blog soon
harika I Heard U Took Money From Hero Of Jai To Make Him Hero
teja-director I Invest My Hardearned Money And Put My Carer At Stake To Make Movies
teja-director I Invest My Hardearned Money And Put My Carer At Stake To Make Movies
Narayana_Rao Teja..we need one more chat session after movie get relased ..? I have every high expectations on Keka ataleast now ?
teja-director narayana rao - one more chat after release
hethain i dont see u r pic in vishnu engagement
teja-director hitein - mohan babu hates me
harika U Copied The Story Of Oka Vichatram From A Malyalam Movie Or U Bought De Rights
teja-director harika - yes many ppl said this - i never saw orginal
jjjjjj teja garu are you planning to introduce new comers in your upcoming movies as producer or you want to do it with established stars?
teja-director jjjj - wat ever the new directors feel like
teja-director maya bazaar (old classic) my fav film
aakishore I think you are also following foot steps of Rgv...introducing good directors to industry...
teja-director aakishore - i dont know about Rgv - but i feel like doing it
Ash Teja Garu, The environment inside the film industry seems not to be as good as it shows. is that true? and what are your comments?
teja-director ash - murikiguntalo vunnavallaki (maaku) vasana teleedu - meere choosi cheppali
Narayana_Rao Teja Who is your best fren (celeb) ?
teja-director narayana rao - krishna vamsi is my best friend now in film industry
KTK_007 Teja...y dont u direct R.naraynamurthy?
teja-director ktk - i dont direct stars :-)
teja-director i was not able to answering everybody - sorry if anybody disaapoint
teja-director i need all your support
teja-director sorry for disappointing u with my latest films
teja-director hopefully keka will change it
teja-director good bye and good luck (signing off)

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