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100 days function - Athanokkade
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2nd september 2005
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On the birthday of Nandamuri Bala Krishna, Kalyan Ram proudly announced that 100 days function of Athanokkade would be held on 2nd September on the eve of birthday of his father Nandamuri Hari Krishna. The 100 days celebration of this film was held at Club Jayabheri in Madhapur on 2nd September 2005. The down pour of rain could not put even an iota of disturbance to the function of Athanokkade. The Nandamuris who made it to this function include Hari Krishna, Rama Krishna, Janaki Ram, Chaitanya Krihshna, Taraka Rama Rao, Ratna and Mokshagna.

NTR who is donning the role of Ashok in his latest film said, "Lots of people criticized Janakiram and Kalyanram for taking up the project of Athanokkade. But the guts of these two people proved that success is inevitable with determination. The commercial break of Athanokkade to Kalyanram is like Simhadri to me". The fans made their presence felt by asking why did he not come to Athanokkade muhurat. NTR replied that there were other issues that prevented him to attend it.

Birthday boy Nandamuri Hari Krishna said, "Rain is the harbinger of happiness and good prospects. I am extremely happy that it is raining heavily now. Even my father NTR used to be blessed by the rain of God for all the important occasions. I am a proud father now with all my sons - Janakiram, Kalyanram & NTR - meeting ultimate success in their respective professions. We faced financial problems during the release of Athanokkade. It was my daughter Suhasini (sister of producer Janakiram and hero Kalyan Ram) who came to the rescue by mortgaging her properties to get us the finance. My brother Rama Krishna too helped us. It was the great technical work rendered by Surender Reddy, Ram Prasad and Gowtam Raju that made this film an outstanding one. When Kalyan Ram told that he would be doing project, I gave a suggestion to do it independently without seeking anybody's monitory support. They proved the old adage 'Krushitho Nasti Durbhiksham' right. At a tender age, Jr. NTR had 3 films that ran for 100 days. Kalyan Ram had one 100 days film. It took me 50 years to get one 50-days film. Like the way the fans blessed my sons, I earnestly request Nandamuri fans to bless Taraka Ratna, Chaitanya Krishna and Mokshagna as well. I would like to give special appreciation for Garikapati Hanmantha Rao and Hari who helped a lot during the production of Athanokkade."

The logo and poster of Kalyan Ram's next film Asadhyudu was also unveiled during this occasion. Hari Krishna celebrated his birthday on stage by cutting the cake.

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