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100 days function - Samanyudu
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January 31, 2007

100 days of Jagapati Babu’s silent hit ‘Samanyudu’ was celebrated at a function arranged in Ravi Narayana Reddy auditorium on the night of 31 January. D Rama Naidu, VB Rajendra Prasad, T Subbirami Reddy, IG Gopinadha Reddy, Collector Vani Mohan (Medak dist), Srikanth and Uday Kiran attended this function as guests.

D Rama Naidu said, “I saw this film and everybody donned different roles and played them perfectly. Producers and director made a good film.”

Veteran producer VB Rajendra Prasad said, “The success of this film is a result of good team work. The entire unit worked hard. Jagapati Babu is one victory run with Samanyudu and Pellaina Kothalo. It will not stop here and many more successful films will come.”

Hero Srikanth said, “RR Moviemakers is like my home banner as I did Mayajalam. Samanyudu is a good message oriented film. Jagapati Babu proved that he is not Samanyudu, but an Asamanyudu. I am sure that Venkat will produce many more successful films.”

Hero Uday Kiran said, “I got inspired after watching Samanyudu and expected it to run for 100 days. I am happy to have participated in the 100 days function. It is a powerful role for Jagapati Babu after Anthapuram. Pellaina Kothalo is also a good hit. I am sure that Jagapati Babu will do a hat trick.”

Guest T Subbirami Reddy said, “I was confident in audio function that it would run for 100 days. I enjoyed watching this film. It has good story value.”

Hero Sai Kumar said, “It is a good success for our entire team. The real hero of this film is director Ravi C Kumar.”

I have been waiting for this function for the past 1000 days - Jagapati Babu
Hero Jagapati Babu said, “I had been waiting for this 100 days film for the past 1000 days. Its been 1000’s of days since I received a 100 days shield. I got 100 days films in between, the producers did not held a function. My fans too are upset about it. I expected this film to fare normally. But it turned to be a good hit. I am very happy today to celebrate this event. I would like to thank each and every individual for giving us this hit. Director Ravi is very talented. I am confident that he would do even better films in the future.”

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Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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