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Audio release - Devadasu
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27th November 2005
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Audio of YVS Chowdary's latest film Devadasu was released in a grand event held at Rama Naidu studios on the night of 27th November. Bala Krishna released the audio. Prior to that Rama Naidu unveiled the logo of 'Yuktha Audio', the music label established on the name of YVS Chowdary's daughter. Sekhar (from Virginia) and Rambabu (from New Jersey) purchased a cassette each from Bala Krishna by paying in dollars. They helped YVS Chowdary in getting the USA part of Devadasu going on smoothly.

The guests who graced the occasion include D Rama Naidu, Bala Krishna, Trivikram, Rajamouli, Devi Vara Prasad, EVV, KL Narayana, Lawrence, Seenu Vytla, Dil Raju, Maganti Babu, Surender Reddy, Gemini Kiran, Boyapati Seenu, Uday Kiran, Venkat, Sindhu Tolani, Ankita, Ramesh Prasad, Shyam Prasad Reddy, Navadeep, MRV Prasad, Dasaradh, Ram, Ileana, Sravanthi Ravi Kishore, Chakri, Chandrabose, Ramana Chintapally, MS Prakash, Bharani, Madhu A Naidu, Anand Sai, Vijay, Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao.

D Rama Naidu said, "YVS Chowdary is an uncompromising director and producer. He did the right thing by launching his own music label. I also release audio of all my films on my own. I also distribute all my films on my own as I don't want others to lose money. I would take profits or losses of my films without passing the burden to others."

SS Rajamouli said, "Every director has to know things like shot composing, artist selection and story selection. YVS Chowdary is one director who has a vital quality that is lacking in others. That is his ability to take risks."

Director Surender Reddy (Athanokkade fame) said that YVS Chowdary gave him some tips during the making of Athanokkade which helped the film immensely.

Director Dasaradh said that he worked as an assistant to YVS for a film and he does whatever he believes in.

Hero Uday Kiran said that YVS Chowdary is very close to him. He also jocularly pointed out that that the secret behind YVS Chowdary's success lies in the number of days he takes to make a film. He wished that the career of Ram and Ileana should take off just like that airplane in the logo of Devadasu.

Music director Chakri said, "We took over one year to compose music for this film. Music of this film is the result of teamwork. I am hoping to get offers from big heroes and big banners with the success of Devadasu audio."

Dil Raju wished that modern Devadasu should become a big hit like old classic Devadasu.

Director of the film YVS Chowdary said, "The story of this film has no connection with old Devadasu. Any successful director should look for three ingredients - story, music and casting - while making a film. Though I gave the basic storyline, MS Prakash helped a lot in expanding it. Dialogue writer Chintapally Ramana took lots of time to come up with quality work. Chakri scored 11 different tunes in this film, which showcases the tremendous caliber he possesses. Chadrabose gave excellent lyrics for 11 tunes in a gap of 15 days."

"I got impressed with the photos of Ram on a computer and decided that I should cast him as hero. Ram is just a 17-year old boy and he came up with tremendous work. He has got both chocolate face and rough look attached to him. I saw Ileana in the ad commercial of Fair & Lovely and cast her. She played the role of Bhanumati in this film. She refused lots of offers and blocked her dates for 1 year exclusively for Devadasu. She got such a great physic that she looks fabulous in any type of attire (western or Indian)."

"Since I am launching new faces, I printed 36-page invitation for muhurat and 24-age invitation for audio launch. We initially cast Prakash Raj for a vital role and then had to opt for Sayaji Shinde in his place. Sayaji Shinde did justice to his role. I am taking lot of time for post production in terms of editing and rerecording."

"I am a great fan of NTR. I liked Bala Krishna since the days of Annatammulu. We used to discuss and predict that Bala Krishna would reach greater heights in the future, which became true. Bala Krishna is a very choosy person and he does not attend functions much. I would like to thank him for gracing both muhurat and audio function of Devadasu."

"I am forced to launch my own label and no audio maker is willing to pay me the money Devadasu deserves. Maruthi music has come forward to distribute the audio on certain terms and conditions. We will release Devadasu film on 11th of January 2006."

Hero Ram said, "I am very thankful to producer and director YVS Chowdary for keeping his faith in me. Music of the film has become really great. I request all the music lovers to buy the audiocassette and listen to it and not to download it from internet."

Dialogues writer Chintapally Ramana said, "I wrote dialogues for Devadasu a year back. I worked for YVS's Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo which became a hit. I am also confident that Devadasu too would become a big hit. YVS shot a part of this film in USA for 40 days."

Chief Guest Bala Krishna gave a spirited speech laced with smooth poetry in Telugu and Hindi amidst cheering of fans. He said, "YVS Chowdary is known for his guts in filmmaking. Do you know where he inherited that gusty attitude? He is a great fan of my father NTR. NTR has the unique ability of inspiring his fans. Audio of the film is hit. If audio is hit then half the success of movie is achieved. YVS Chowdary shot Devadasu for 180 days. He should fall in my hands for a film to know how to make a film in stipulated time (smiles). Ram and Ileana got tremendous start with this film. They should continue it by selecting script carefully. I wish a huge success for Devadasu film."

Bhargavi and Simha anchored the event.

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