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Kalavaramaye Madilo launch
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June 21, 2009


Music of Kalavaramaye Madilo in the direction of Satish Kasetty was launched at a function organized in Prasad Labs on the evening of 21 June. Mohan Vadlapatla produces this movie on Mohan Media Creations banner. Swati and Kamal Kamaraju play main leads.Sarath Vasudevan composed music. Chitra sang all the songs in this album. Vanamali penned all the lyrics.

Dil Raju launched the audio CD and gave the first unit to Shyam Prasad Reddy. Singer Chitra launched the audiocassette and gave the first unit to Samudra.

Lyricist Vanamali said, “Music director Sarath Vasudevan is the protégé of Mangalampalli Bala Murali Krishna. Satish Kasetty prepared a good musical subject and i got an opportunity to pen all the songs. I am feeling elated that Chitra sung all the songs. I would like to thank the producer and director for putting their confidence on me.”

Dil Raju said, “I listened to two scripts of Satish Kasetty and i liked a script to be done by a big hero. I wanted to produce it on Matinee Entertainments banner. I registered Kalavaramaye madilo title for one of the love stories I wanted to make. I gave it away when Satish requested me. The story of this movie is on music with family backdrop. Though the producer did a couple of movies, he didn’t attain success. I am sure that this movie will bring success to the producer Mohan. I wanted to make a movie with Swati as heroine. I felt jealous after listening to the songs of this movie.”

Shyam Prasad Reddy said, “I always produced small films in my career. I tried only one big film and learnt my lesson. I listened to the story of this movie around three months back. I liked the songs of the movie when they were working in our Sabdalaya studios. I loved the songs. I like Chitra’s voice a lot. I am sure that the music of this film is going to be a chartbuster.”

Chitra said, “I feel glad that the music of this film is releasing on World Music Day. I rendered my voice to all the songs in this movie. Director knows what he wants. I wish this movie a great success.”

Music director Sarath Vasudevan said, “I came from a family of musicians. My grandmother and my mother are singers. I am a protégé (pradhama sishyudu) of Mangalampalli Bala Murali Krishna. This is my first Telugu movie. I thank the director and the producer for giving me this opportunity.”

This movie is supposed to be done by Dil Raju – Satish Kasetty
Director Satish Kasetty said, “We all worked hard for this movie. I narrated this story to Dil Raju and he liked it. He said that he is currently doing two big projects and he would do my film after completion. I didn’t want to wait. That is the reason why I did this movie in this banner. I am happy that there is Dil Raju’s involvement in this movie in terms of title. Lots of people who saw the rushes of this movie said that Swati is acting like Savitri. She will create a mark for herself in Telugu film industry. There is a good actor in Kamal Kamaraju. He is a passionate actor. I would like to thank the producer for giving me the creative freedom. It is a boon for any director to get a producer who doesn’t interfere in direction. I saw the music director Sarath Vasudevan when he acted as the judge for a singing competition in Asia Net. The story of the movie is about a singer who wants to sing in direction of greatest music director like AR Rehman. I made the music director do seven mistakes in a song composed to this movie. It was a purposeful mistake. I gave the entire script to lyricist Vanamali and he took around 25 days to pen lyrics. And it took 25 minutes for the music director to do a tune. Let us hope that the movie will become a big hit.”

Heart touching story – Kamal Kamaraju
Kamal Kamaraju said, “I cried while listening to the script. This story has such emotional sequences. I expected him to give a small character. But he offered me the character of hero. It is a heart-touching story. Swati’s character will be like dynamite on the screen.”

Swati said, “There are no stars in this movie. Everyone of us worked hard. The final product is good and we hope that Kalavaramaye Madilo will become a success.”

Swati is the hero of this movie – Mohan Vadlapatla
Producer Mohan Vadlapata said, “I would like to thank Dil Raju and Shyam Prasad Reddy for gracing this event. Chitra came to Hyderabad on our request though she is extremely busy. It is such a coincidence that the music of Kalavaramaye Madilo is releasing on world’s music day. Swati is the hero of this movie and she has done fabulous work.”

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