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Audio release - Kanchanamala Cable TV
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13th June 2005
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The audio of Ramya Movies' Kanchanamala Cable TV - c/o Juvvalapalem, was released at a function held at Ramanaidu Studios amidst cast members and a few celebrities.

The function was was very modest and simple, first the guests were invited onto the stage and later the songs from the film were released by one celebrity after another. The first video was released by D Ramanaidu who after releasing the song and seeing the video said, "I am really happy to see the songs, it also gives me great happiness to know that young talent is coming up in the film industry. This is a healthy sign that the industry is growing, and I am also proud that Srikanth is doing a great job of encouraging such young directors. I wish all the members of the team all the best."

The second song was released by star director K Raghavendra Rao, who just congratulated the music director without even taking the mike. Annapoornamma who has acted in this film said, "It was a great experience working with the whole team. We really had a good time working on the film. I wish the whole team all the best."

The third song was released by S V Krishna Reddy and after seeing the song he said, "The title of the film is quite unique and it in itself will attract audience to the theatre. Then the performance of all the artist is going to compel the audience to see the film again. I got an opportunity to listen to the music earlier and I was throughly impressed by the music. The touch and style of Vamsi is seen in this film, Vamsi who has some great movies to his credit like, Ladies Tailor, April 1st Vidudala. I am sure that everyone has put in their best in to the film and wish them all the best."

Sravanthi Ravi Kishore launched the fourth song and wished the whole team all the best. The fifth and sixth songs were released by Murali Krishnam Raju of MAA Tv and hero Nitin respectively. Then comedian Venu Madhav took the mike from Suma the anchor and said, "It is a routine to say that we had great fun while shooting, but when we were shooting in Palakolu, we all were being forced to act in the hot sun by the director. Tha man was merciless and had been pushing us around all day long and when we relaxed during the evening he used to call us for shooting a song. After shooting the song for a day Krishna Bhagwan simply asked the director to shift the shooting to the night." This was in a lighter vein and had the audience laughing out loud.

Man of the hour, music director K M Radhakrishna said, "After Anand I wanted to work on some good project. When the director told me the story I was impressed and agreed to do the music. The music her is according to the mood of the film, in Anand it was mostly melody but in this film I did experiment with beat and mass songs.All the six songs in the film have a different feel and rythm to them." Director Parthasarathy who is doing his first film said, "I came to the industry about ten years ago to become a director, but then it took me so long to make it. For about two years I was working on the script, it was Krishna Bhagwan who encouraged me during this time and stood behind me. He even convinced Srikanth to listen to the story. I tried to show that there is no competition between Television and Film. Both of them are thriving because of the other, the film has everything that an audience will expect form a film that has such a variety title. Radhakrishna has also helped me a lot by providing some great music."

Srikanth who spoke last said, "I have been trying to do a variety of roles, from family dramas to sentimental roles, in recent times I have attempted film with Bapu, K Vishwanath, Shankardada and all. This was a majkor reason why I took up this film bacause it had something variety to offer. It was Krishna Bhagwan who asked me to listen to the story and I liked it and then I decided to do the film. The film is a nice entertainer with all other ingredients that promise to entertain the audience throughly. Radhakrishna has given some grea musci which is going to be a plus point for the film."

After this the audio cassette was released by D Ramanaidu and first cassette was given to K Raghavendra Rao. Also present at the fucntion were,Sunkara Madhu Murali, Veturi, Chandrabose, producers- Potluri Satyanarayana, K V Krishna Rao, Saibaba and Thamudu Satyam, character artists- Raghubabu, Krishna Bhagwan, Kondavalasa and Rithu. The audio is by Sohan music and Butchi Babu represented them.

- Aditya

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