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Chiranjeevi at Polepalli Meet
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September 26, 2008


The state government is resorting to gross violation of the fundamental rights of the poor and downtrodden by grabbing their lands and handing them over to the big industrialists, alleged Praja Rajyam Party president Chiranjeevi. He arrived at Polepalli village in Mahabubnagar district, where he addressed public meeting after calling on the victims of the SEZ acquisition.

Thousands of people thronged the venue from all over the district, leading to unruly situations on a couple of occasions. The police resorted to mild lathicharge and brought the situation under control.

Emotion packed PRP President questioned the propriety of the government in seizing the agricultural lands of the poor for forming the SEZs. "The government undertook unplanned acquisition of lands without exactly knowing how much land is required for the SEZs. How many industries are established in the SEZs so far created in the state? Let the government make an announcement on this. The rich have to sacrifice for the poor, but it is happening in the reverse in the state. The land grabbers are gliding on to the green fields wherever found like vultures. It is not good on the part of the government to victimize the have-nots. Just for the sake of two or three big people, hundreds of poor farmers are turning into victims. Of the total 256 SEZs in the country, the AP alone contributes to more than 50. This is heinous exploitation. In the name of SEZs, the state government is fostering real estate business and turned into a middleman. He demanded the government to come out with statistics as to how many industries were created in the state since 2003."

Earlier, Chiranjeevi made door-to-door visit of the victims of SEZ land acquisition at Gudlagadda thanda. The farmers there complained to the PRP president that some officials demanded bribes for providing compensation. Chiru asked them to wait with patience for a few more months and everything would be redressed when the PRP would come to power.

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