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Chiru Meets and Appreciate NRIs at Party Office
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August 31, 2008


August 29th 2008, Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization officially endorsed NRI organization by Chiranjeevi Panel met Dr. Chiranjeevi at Praja Rajyam Party Office in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad On 18th of August, 2008 a warm welcome was given by Chiranjeevi's panel members to this group of 300 NRIs representing this organization at Shamshabad airport. Later, the group traveled throughout Andhra Pradesh and conducted several events under the name "Pravasa Bheri" until PRAJA RAJYAM party was announced by Dr. Chiranjeevi at Tirupathi on Aug 26th.

After Successful completion of NRI Pravasa Vaardhi Events across the World over past several months and Pravasa Bheri in Andhra Pradesh since Aug 18th, 300 NRIs who joined from various parts of the world with grand paraphernalia, marched to the Chiranjeevi's Praja Rajyam Party office for the NRIs meet organized by Dr. Chiranjeevi group. The meet started with a brief introduction of NRIs by the Narasaiah Vadranam, President- Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization. Putting aside his busy schedule Dr. Chiranjeevi Garu spent 45 minutes with all the NRIs and discussed about the contributions and participation of NRIs to their motherland. Speaking on this occasion he said "it was a moment of great pride and was emotional to see all NRIs, who are aiming to see him as a Leader for the betterment of Andhra Pradesh. Referring to the speech given at Party Launch Event at Tirupathi, he said his aim is to eradicate corruption from the Top Level, which will help everyone to have a clean consciousness to lead for a better future."

Speaking on this occasion Mr. Srinivasa Manapragada,-Vice President and Official Spokesman, gave a brief presentation to Dr. Chiranjeevi, explaining the Pravasa Vaaradhi events conducted all over the world and said it's the inspiration and force given by Dr. Chiranjeevi that made the Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization to hold such huge events balancing their families and busy work schedules of NRIs and mission was finally accomplished with Dr. Chiranjeevi entry into politics. On behalf of NRIs around the world, Mr. Srinivas promised that Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization will work, help and support Praja Rajyam Party and Dr. Chiranjeevi and see him as our leader to lead the Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. Narasaiah Vadranam, Mr. Raghuveer Bandi, Ms. Rajini Akurati, Mr. Chakri also submitted feedback on "PRAVASA BHERI" event that Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization collected from the people of downtrodden areas of Andhra Pradesh to Dr. Chiranjeevi. The Pravasa Chiranjeevi organization was represented by its members Raghuveer Bandi- General Secretary, Ms. Rajini Akurati- National Women's Coordinator, Mr. Vijay- Coordinator Malaysia ,Mr. Bindu Madhav - Coordinator -UK, Mr. Seshu Babu Yellisetti, Ms. Kranthi Karanam - Detroit ,Ms. Neelima- Texas, Mr. Kiran- Detroit, Mr. Prasad Sametta- Kansas, Ms. Madhavi- New Jersey, Mr. Banu Prakash- Cincinnati, Mr. Chakri Mittapalli - Austin, Mr. Prasad, Mr. Maruti ,Mr. Kalyan Palla North West Regional Vice President, Mr. Shekhar Seera - South West Regional Vice President, Mr. Srinivas Lottala - Midwest Vice President, Mr. Siva Kondapalli, Mr. Krishnamurthy Podipireddi thanked the efforts of Mr. Kumar Koneru and Mr. Anil. Later the members thanked Chiranjeevi for spending his valuable time with this group. The group later left promising Chiranjeevi that they will continue to organize many more such events propagating Praja Rajyam abroad.

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