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Platinum Disc Function - Radha Gopalam
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5th March 2005
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Platinum disc function of Bapu's latest musical 'Radha Gopalam' was celebrated in a grand style at an art gallery in Madapur in presence of Mega Brothers. Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan remained as centers of attraction in this function. The celebrities who came to this function include K Raghavendra Rao, C Aswini Dutt, Srikanth, K Anil, Venu Madhav, Divyavani and AVS. Director Bapu, music director Mani Sharma and heroine Sneha could not make it to the function. K Raghavendra Rao received the disc on behalf of Bapu. C Aswini Dutt received the shied on behalf of Mani Sharma.

Bapu deserves a Padmasri: Chiranjeevi
Bapu is one of the most talented writer/cartoonist/director in India today and he did not get the honor he deserves from the government. Chiranjeevi urged that Bapu should be given at least Padma Sri honor. Chiranjeevi recollected a statement from a foreigner that Bapu would have got international fame for his talent in line drawing if he were not born in India. Chiranjeevi praised that any work by the legendry duo of Bapu - Ramana epitomizes the essence of Teluguness. He also said that he would come forward to act in Bapu's films any day. He recollected the days when he was asked for audition in Manavoori Pandavulu film. Bapu is also a devotee of Lord Anjaneya like Chiranjeevi. During that time Bapu complimented that Chiranjeevi's eyes are very expressive and powerful. That compliment worked like tonic for Chiranjeevi. He opined that Srikanth is very lucky to have worked with Bapu.

I enjoyed Venu Madhav's comedy - Pawan Kalyan
Pawan Kalyan said that he saw Radha Gopalam around 5 days back. He liked the performance of Srikanth and thoroughly enjoyed the combination of Venu Madhav and Divya Vani.

Bapu remembered me even after 10 years - Divya Vani
Divya Vani recollected her working experience with Bapu 10 years back. She thanked Bapu for remembering her and asking her to work in this film. She also said that Chiranjeevi and his family members are very kind to her and treated her with affection.

Nagababu has got artistic taste: Allu Arvind
Allu Arvind admitted that he had apprehensions about Naga Babu presenting Bapu film as Bapu is not in the form. Allu Arvind humbly said that he is taking his words back after the release of Radha Gopalam. He also complimented Nagababu that he produced an award winning 'Rudhaveena' as his debut production film. He commended Nagababu for his artistic taste.

Lucky to have worked with Bapu: Srikanth
Hero Srikanth said that when Nagababu was planning to make a movie with Bapu, Srikanth went to Nagababu and asked if he could do the role of hero. He said that it was Chiranjeevi who gave him the role of ATM in Shankardada MBBS. He also said that his different characters in K Viswanath's Swarabhishekam and Venkatesh's Sankranthi gave him immense satisfaction along with Radha Gopalam.

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