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Sivaramaraju Audio Function
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Sivaramaraju Audio Function

11 October 2002
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It's been years since rumors were circulated that Jr. NTR split with his father Hari Krishna and that they are no longer in good terms with each other. To put an end to these rumors, Jr. NTR shared the dais for the first time in public with his father Hari Krishna at the audio function of 'Sivaramaraju' that was held today at 8 pm at Taj Banjara.

Jr. NTR was the chief guest for this function. Hari Krishna is enacting a 45-minute vital role in Sivaramaraju film. The main star cast of the film includes Jagapati Babu, Sivaji, Venkat, Hari Krishna and Kanchi Kaul. SA Raj Kumar provided music and Samudra directed this film. This movie is made on 'Super good movies' banner and is slated for release on the 1st of November 2002.

The other guest list of the evening included YVS Chowdary, VR Pratap and Nandamuri Rama Krishna. YVS Chowdary recollected his association with Hari Krishna. VR Pratap - the director who introduced Jr. NTR - opined that he did not realize the real potential of NTR when he was making 'Ninnu Choodalani'.

An emotionally charged NTR said that he is very proud of his dad Hari Krishna after watching his marvelous performance in Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo.

It is Hari Krishna - hailed by the anchor as 'Andhra Tiger, and 'Sahasa Ratna' - who stole the show with an emotional speech. He said that he is proud to be the son of legendary NTR. He also narrated a couple of incidents that happened in the past one year, which made him believe that some unknown power is protecting and guiding him. After speaking about his experiences in the making of Sivarama Raju, he requested RB Chowdary to allow him to speak on his personal issues.

Then Hari Krishna addressed the media men that somebody spread rumors that he and his son NTR are not in good terms. He said that this sharing of dais in public with his son clears the mist surrounding those baseless rumors. He also said that somebody asked him why he is not supporting his son Jr. NTR publicly. He answered the same by questioning 'Who supported NTR (Senior) to rise from a milk seller's son to the biggest star of Telugu cinema and a CM just after 9 months of the formation of the TDP?'. Hari Krishna said that he wants all his kids to come up on their own and he is not interested in interfering in their work and guiding them. He said that he would take care of his kids for the first film, as it's their launching pad. He listened to the story of 'Ninnu Choodalani' and okayed it and later on he let Jr. NTR decide about his future films. Hari Krishna also mentioned that he is launching his other son Kalyan Ram as hero through Usha Kiron movies banner soon. He said that there is a place for all talented people in this film industry. It has accepted him, Bala Krishna, Jr. NTR and Taraka Ratna. He said that the movie lovers would also accept his son Kalyan Ram. He mentioned that there also possibilities of Bala Krishna's son becoming a hero. However, only talented people would stay in field. He said that the only legacy that is left by his father to him is the fan following for Nandamuri Vamsam. He also mentioned the dignity maintained by his father NTR, who never asked any body to help or promote his kids.

He said that he has four kids and all are named after Lord Rama. His elder son's name is Janaki Ram. The second kid is a girl and her name is Venkata Ramamma (named after the mother of legendary NTR). His third offspring's name is Kalyan Ram. NT Rama Rao is the fourth kid. Hari Krishna mentioned that name of NT Rama Rao for his fourth kid is suggested by his babai Nandamuri Trivikrama Rao.

Most of the speech of Hari Krishna had references like 'Rashtra Prajalu, Annalu, Tammullu, Aada paduchulu etc'

At the end of it, Hari Krishna released the 'Sivaramaraju' audiocassette and NTR took the first copy.

exclusive photo gallery (photos by Giri)

Father and son

Hari Krishna & Paruchuri

YVS Chowdary & NTR


YVS, B Gopal & NTR

YVS, NTR, Rama Krishna & Hari Krishna

NTR & Hari Krishna

audio release

audio release

audio release

YVS, NTR & Hari Krishna

joint garland for NTR & Hari

NTR & Hari Krishna


kanchi Kaul

Nandamuri fans with NTR & Hari

Hari krishna released audio to NTR


Kanchi Kaul
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