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Success Meet - Toss
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July 18, 2007

Success meet of Priyadarshini Ram’s latest film Toss was held today in Hyderabad. This meet was attended by Raja, Kamna Jetmalani, Priyadarshini Ram. Dev Amar KK radha Mohan, Ravi Kiran (Ceded distributor) and Basireddy (DigiQuest).

Producer Dev Amar said, “I am feeling happy because our Toss became a big success. This is the first film in India to use a new camera technology. This film has action, sentiment and comedy.”

Actress Kamna Jetmalani said, “My character is a fun character in this film. This is my 3rd hit after Ranam and Samanyudu.”

Director Priyadarshini Ram said, “This film is the result of team work. I watched the film by sitting with audiences. There is very good response to the dialogues. This film will teach us to love and respect others.”

Raja said, “Toss achieved the highest openings for a film in my career. It is a memorable experience to act with Kanna’s Shahrukh Khan Upendra. Mani Sharma’s music and rerecording helped the film.”

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