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Success Meet - Bommarillu
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August 10, 2006
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Success Meet of Dil Raju’s 4th consecutive instant blockbuster Bommarillu was held at the office of Sri Venkateswara Creations on the evening of 10th August. This meet was attended by Dil Raju, Bhaskar, Siddharth, Abburi Ravi, Vijay Chakravarthy and Prakash.

Total credit for the success goes to Bhaskar - Dil Raju
Speaking on the occasion, “Bommarillu film generated instant hit talk on the day one. I got tears of joy when so many people called me to describe how much they liked Bommarillu. I would like to give the credit of this success to director Bhaskar. He has taken small incidents that happen in our household as base and developed interesting screenplay to make this film. Siddardha turned out to be climax hero of this film by delivering his finest performance. I would like to thank each and every team member. The industry people are comparing this film to landmark flicks like Toli Prema and Nuvve Kavali.”

Dil Raju is like Prakash Raj in Bommarillu - Bhaskar
Director Bhaskar said, “I would like to thank Editor Mohan for giving me a chance to work in films when I entered Telugu film industry. Dil Raju provided lot of support. He is like father character in the film and provided more than what I asked for. He also did not put on me at script level. I am really lucky to have made my first film without any tensions as Dil Raju took care of everything.”

People are comparing Bommarillu to landmark films like Toli Prema and Nuvve Kavali - Siddharth
Hero Siddardha said, “I told everybody in the audio function that Bommarillu will run for 175 days. And I am happy the my prophecy became true. I would give total credit of success to Dil Raju and Bhaskar. They focused a lot on scenes. Genelia stole the limeline in this film with terrific performance. Even my family members opined that Genelia is great in this film. I feel jealous about her. I became hero only in the climax of the film. Dil Raju has got good sixth sense and he is extremely adept at picking new talent. People are comparing Bommarillu to landmark films like Toli Prema and Nuvve Kavali. Bhaskar is not an ordinary talent. My father told me that my chemistry with Prakash Raj (screen father) is terrific.”

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