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Life of Pi
review by Pallavi Sukumar

27 November 2012

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'LIFE OF PI' is about an Indian young man who survives a shipwreck disaster along with a tiger and is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure of 227 days, crosses the Pacific in a life boat. This film is an adaptation of Yann Martel's best seller turned into a great movie event by Oscar winning Ang Lee. Life of Pi is a visually compelling film which bring out deep emotions of Piscne Patel (Pi), played great by Suraj Sharma and Irfan Khan in two age levels, and there is a good chance of people crying while watching this emotional roller coaster ride.

Pi is an exciting character who loves God and embraces Hinduism, Chrisitinam and Islam, who never feared to do exciting things in life, and who applies his natural instincts when the ship carrying him and his family from India to canada, along with the collection of Zoo animals, sank in pacific. He is the only surviving human in a life boat along with a zebra which got hurt badly, an orangutan, a hyena, and a bengal tiger names Richard Parker. As the vents turn it is only Pi and Richard Parker (named as a result of clerical error) in the life boat., one animal and one thinking animal who believes in good and God.

Suraj Sharma as the young Pi gives a great performance through his emotional core, and so does Irfan Khan as the older Pi Patel. Tabu and Adil Hussain played the parents of young Pi. Though tabu has a very brief role in the film she gave a great authenticity for the character, especially when she narrates the little Krishna yahoda story to Pi when he is a kid.

The film is rich in symbolic meaning and story shows the transformative power of dramatic events in life. The photography and special effects are wonderful. The tiger in many places have great facial expressions and you at times believe that this is a good tiger-actor. The visuals in the carnivorous island are treat to watch and the hallucinations of Pi are extraordinary to watch. Though the film can be a little crisp, you will not complain it by the end of the movie. Ang Lee's directoral efforts are matchless and makes him as one of the greatest in the contemporary film makers. Though this film has all the magic, it never leaves the focus from the subtext of the original book.

I have read the book earlier, but watching Ang Lee's marvel in 3D provided me once in a life time experience. I am not a fan of watching movies wearing 3D glasses, but 'Life of Pi' is one film which is made for that medium and some of the scenes of Pi and Tiger are amazing in 3D.

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