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Interview with Sriya Reddy by Sunita Chowdhary
Date: 5 May 2006
Sriya Reddy

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The young, vivacious, zesty, spunky and irrepressible actress Shriya Reddy has seen it all. Fame, fortune, glory and a generous dose of glamour. But the VJ, actress is not the one to rest on her father Bharat Reddy's laurels. She is an inspiration when she says: "It only goes to show that if you have it in you, someday, somehow, your chance will come. If you can do it, nothing can stop you -- not age, or discouragement, or trouble. Nothing! Some day, Fate will open a door and beckon you in. Though you may be old and hopeless, tired and disappointed, you will obey the summons, just the same, and you will have your reward for all those years of weary waiting."

And it's worth waiting for -- take Shriya Reddy's word for it! No youngster could be getting a bigger, more satisfying "kick" out of success than this woman, at twenty three. There has never been a young screen star that fought harder for success. She is sometimes sprightly, sometimes mellow and tolerant and kindly. She has learned her lessons, and she can enjoy her success. She is happy because she can look back and know that she has done it all herself. There is something about Shriya Reddy and you will definitely agree with me.

If you have anything really valuable to contribute to the world it will come through the expression of your own personality, that single spark of divinity that sets you off and makes you different from every other living creature. I always believed in myself and at the cost of sounding pompous I would like to say that today I am here because I've worked hard for it. Parents backing and support is always there but after a point of time you will have to prove yourself and walk on your own. I am constantly motivating myself and kicking myself to go for it.

I am what I am and I say what I feel like, I'm very spontaneous and probably that's the reason why I am a happy person today. Sometime back I was in Hyderabad to host the Film Fare Awards. It was a memorable event. I happened to encounter Rekha, who is unarguably the most enigmatic star. Who is not in awe of her flawless hauteur, her elegance? I always emulated her, was dumbstruck when she came over to me and introduced herself, "Hi I'm Rekha, you are a very beautiful girl." She was actually going over the stage to give the best actor award to Chiranjeevi. It's such an endearing quality to appreciate others. I found the same humility in Chiranjeevi too. While walking down he came up to me and remarked, "My daughter told me that you are very famous amongst the youngsters and you are doing a great job."

Another person Gunnam Gangaraju, is nothing short of a genius. I worked with him and found him to be brilliant man and a wonderful filmmaker. I am doing a film titled Amma Cheppindi in his direction. You will find me bashing up all the goons in it. I can never be this prim and proper sophisticated girl or I can't see myself running around trees. None of my films have the conventional song-and-dance formula or loud clothes or melodramatic dialogues. I am for realistic cinema. I want to be known as an actress. I'd love to do lot more things like getting into the cricket team, and might probably find myself a job as a commentator. I can't crack jokes like Siddhu but I have my own style.

I keep myself grounded and I have my own four boundaries, I won't expose. I don't drink, smoke, I stick to my principles. When I'm not talking you can find me unwinding reading a book or maybe watching a film at home. I'm not orthodox or conservative but i know where to draw the line. You can never find me in a night club. You need to strike a balance somewhere and some point of time in life. We are not Americans.

I have a fair idea about my future plans. I will continue working, produce my own TV shows and utilize my voice for the radio perhaps. A great deal has been spoken about my voice and I am humbled. I remember when I was a child, Ravi Shastri and Sandip Patil came home and I heard them telling my dad that I had a great voice. It's not that I do the talking always. I am a great listener too and are times I just want to stay quite but my family becomes restless, they expect some noise round always. My voice is very infectious I guess. I've short term dreams and I will work hard for it because I know that they are reachable and I can get it. Everything is possible.

- Y Sunita Chowdhary

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